Scent of New York
 Once upon a time on this vast territory inhabited by Indian tribes. Today there live representatives of different races, nationalities and religions. All these people are proud to call themselves New Yorkers.

New York? New York!
Even those who in New York visit was not able to know about the city and can easily name at least a few local attractions: Times Square, Broadway, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, the Metropolitan Museum - and that's only the beginning of a long list . According to statistics, in the New York metropolitan area with a population of approximately 18 million inhabitants, no wonder it is considered one of the largest cities in the United States. In order to get into the city and make a career here, it will require a lot of effort.

"In each case, a special smell: smell of the bakery dough and baking. You go past the carpentry workshop, chips and fresh smells board. It smells of turpentine and paint house painter. Smells glazier putty ... "- these many memorable lines from a children's poem by Italian writer Gianni Rodari. His peculiar smell is not only the profession, but also in entire cities. There is a flavor and New York.

 Scent of New York

5th Avenue / Elizabeth Arden
Née Florence Nightingale Graham (Graeme) the whole world knows the name of Elizabeth Arden. According to his relatives, Elizabeth Arden youth trained in medical school, there is something for the first time and she had the idea to try his hand in the field of cosmetology. While working in a rural hospital, it only strengthened this their desire. And yet she dreamed about a beautiful and luxurious life. In his native village near Toronto, Canada this dream is unlikely to come true, so our heroine went to New York.

In 1909, his long-possessed girl's dream, she created a small beauty salon in New York. Business has been successful, yet - after all Elizabeth Arden invested in its development of all his powers. Elizabeth Arden died in 1966 at age 88. By the time she created the company turned into a perfume and cosmetics empire Elizabeth Arden. In 2009, Elizabeth Arden brand crossed the centenarians and still feels confident in the beauty market.

In 1996, under the brand Elizabeth Arden fragrance came 5th Avenue. He was well received, and experts and ordinary consumers. What does all this have to do with New York? Direct. Name 5th Avenue has become symbolic for flavor. Fifth Avenue - the heart of Manhattan, a symbol of wealth, the evidence of success, the embodiment of the American dream. In addition, it opened on Fifth Avenue once his first salon itself Elizabeth Arden.

 Scent of New York

Love From New York / Donna Karan
Donna Karan knows about New York all, because she was born here and was held as a professional. Donna Karan talented designer and successful entrepreneur. Under her name produces clothing, footwear and accessories. Under the brand DKNY produced more and perfumes, the name itself is already incorporated love and respect for New York. Subject to Interpretation? Please: DKNY - Donna Karan New York. The Russian translation is no longer needed.

We know that New Yorkers themselves called their city the Big Apple. Donna Karan somehow actively exploiting this issue. To see this, one need only look at the numerous vials of perfume in the form of an apple that she produces.

However, for flavor Love From New York Donna Karan chose a bottle of rectangular shape, and on the cover of "planted" the image of the Statue of Liberty. Love From New York - this perfume like a message of love from New York City worldwide. What is it, the New York love? I well remember one article about New York, I read a long time ago in a magazine. It said that New Yorkers - a peculiar people, they live in a very fast paced rhythm. They fall in love at a red traffic light, yellow to time to exchange mobile phone numbers already on the green are carried away, forgetting about the subject of his new love.

 Scent of New York

212 / Carolina Herrera
Could you suggest Carolina Herrera, moving from his native Caracas to New York, there it is waiting for a dizzying career, recognition and success. Maybe. After all, she decided to move only after the creation of its first clothing collection was presented in New York and received accolades specialists. Premiere took place in 1980, and already in 1981, Carolina Herrera and his family moved from Venezuela to the United States. Incidentally, if it is already forty years old. Carolina Herrera is now 72 years old, she is in good physical and creative way - to the envy of many.

What is Carolina Herrera won the New York City? Everything is very simple. Clothing that it creates an incredibly elegant and beautiful, different impeccable taste and quality. No wonder the designer Carolina Herrera creation loved Jacqueline Kennedy. Among the clients of this remarkable woman has movie stars, members of royal families, the wives of rich people. Carolina Herrera herself always impeccable personal style.

Carolina Herrera - a true business woman. In the sphere of her professional interests of not only the clothes, she produces and perfumes. One of the most popular fragrances in her collection called 212. It was created and worked her daughter Carolina Adriana. Why the choice fell on the name is a combination of numbers? 212 - This dialing code of New York. The fragrance is enclosed in the original bottle that looks like a futuristic object. Soon after the 212 flavor successful and popular, followed by a series of versions of it.

 Scent of New York

SJP NYC / Sarah Jessica Parker
The actress and producer Sarah Jessica Parker were at least two reasons to create a fragrance dedicated to New York. First, the action of the television series "Sex and the City", due to which it became a mega takes place in New York. Secondly, the very Sarah and her family chose to live and career building this city.

 Scent of New York

Sarah Jessica Parker is originally from Ohio Nelsonvill city, but for a long time she left the native land for the sake of acting career. Name Sarah Jessica Parker has long been closely associated with New York. In an interview with journalists often interested in her, she would be able to live in another city. This provocative question, the actress has a somewhat unexpected answer could be, but only on one condition, that it will be her family. Family is her great husband, actor Matthew Broderick and their three children (a son and two daughters-twins).

Sarah Jessica Parker often gets in the lenses of the paparazzi on the New York streets: here she is in a hurry for, here goes shopping, but simply walking with their children. Careful examination of the photos suggests that in everyday life the actress is quite different than its fashionable and stylish heroine Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City" or herself on the red carpet. In ordinary life, Sarah Jessica Parker prefers jeans, T-shirts and flat shoes - in New York, it's more convenient, you know.

Elizabeth Arden, Donna Karan, Carolina Herrera, Sarah Parker Dzhesssika - four such different women, each of them has its own history of success and its fragrance in New York.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova