Under the sign of roses
 Beautiful golden rose has long been a symbol of a famous cosmetic company. Connoisseurs of beauty industry probably already guessed that we are talking about Lancôme.

Now known worldwide brand Lancôme was founded in France in 1935 by Armand Ptizhanom. The symbol of its owner chose golden rose. Since 1964, Lancôme is part of the cosmetics empire L'Oréal. The company produces decorative cosmetics, skin care and perfumes. Despite the large range, we can distinguish at least three special perfumes, which are loved by women and passed the test of time.

Trésor - treasure. It is not flattery and exaggeration, but only a translation of the name of the fragrance from French into Russian. Trésor was born in 1952. To celebrate his birth in the Palais de Chaillot at the luxurious ball had invited many guests. Crystal bottle with prisoners in it oriental fragrance was made by hand in the form of a multi-faceted diamond. Much water has flowed since then, in 2012, Trésor will celebrate its 60th anniversary. Formula fragrance and bottle design has undergone some changes. Not without the so-called flankers, ie new versions of flavor.

 Under the sign of roses

For a long time Trésor advertised Isabella Rossellini. In the early 90's forty years Isabella was still popular model. However, Lancôme brand owners felt that they needed a young person, and did not extend the advertising contract. Cosmetic companies are still conservative and rely on young models, trusting them even advertising agents against wrinkles. Isabella Rossellini was hurt. "I always find a job" - as she commented on the situation to the media. Isabella Rossellini did not have to engage in the search for a new job, she found her work.

 Under the sign of roses

Meanwhile, the company Lancôme pretty quickly found a replacement Rossellini: Ines Sastre, Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz - beautiful and famous women like a kaleidoscope succeeded each other in the advertising Trésor. But it inevitably falls back into place. No, Isabella Rossellini was not invited again become the face of the fragrance, but the honor to promote a new version called Trésor in Love won her daughter Elettra Wiedemann. The famous mom supported her daughter-model and even attended the filming of advertising "enamored» Trésor.

 Under the sign of roses

Climat - as much in this sound ... In the era of Khrushchev's thaw production company Lancôme failed to penetrate the Iron Curtain to the territory of the Soviet Union. This incredible success is credited Ptizhana student Arman, founder of Lancôme, supposedly she was able to charm and to arrange Nikita Khrushchev so much that he gave the go-ahead for delivery of perfume and cosmetic products of this brand from France. At the time, the choice of the Soviet women was small, "Red Moscow" domestic production, but the Polish "Maybe." Jar Climat became an object of desire. Still alive the story of how, in the era of total deficit "fetched» Climat.

 Under the sign of roses

Aroma Climat first saw the light in 1967, thanks to the efforts of perfumers company Lancôme. The scent is described as floral-aldehyde. Top notes are bergamot, violet, peach. Heart notes of lily of the valley, jasmine, rose. Base notes of sandalwood, vetiver, amber, tonka bean. The bottle design is simple yet elegant. Packing blue is the original card.

A few years ago, the company was taken Lancôme perfume Climat decided to withdraw from the production, but it soon became clear that this is a hasty and wrong move. For the case come perfumers. The composition of the fragrance updated, it turned lighter, and has met the expectations of perfume and tastes of modern women. Climat is no longer necessary to search for "the afternoon with fire", although the smell is produced in small batches, but commercially available. Here Climat bottle stands on a shelf in a perfume shop and waiting for its new owner.

Magie Noire
Magie Noire - Black Magic, about the meaning of the name of the fragrance can be guessed without the help of an interpreter. Unexplained and unknown for a long time to haunt the minds of men. Black Magic has penetrated into the world of perfume in the form of the flavor of the same name, which everyone is free to interpret in their own way: the magic of life and death, love and hate magic, magic, tenderness and passion.

 Under the sign of roses

The fragrance Magie Noire was created in 1978, the authors of the original version were perfumers Gupi Gerard and Jean-Claude Neli. The composition disclosed sweetness and fresh citrus bergamot, leaving behind a trail of honey and jasmine. Brand owners did not want to leave unchanged the aroma: it was redesigned as a flavor composition and design of the bottle. One of the founders of Magie Noire Mr. Gupi did not hesitate to voice their criticisms of the "innovations". According to him, the result was pretty rough. The justification should be noted that Magie Noire still belongs to a class of selective fragrances for its production using natural ingredients.

Work on the bottle and packaging Magie Noire entrusted designer Pierre Dinandu, by the time he had already well-proven, working with major cosmetic company. Pierre Dinand has realized an interesting idea: look at the bottle, and you'll see the glass as if frozen in the figure of a woman, her shoulders bundled black shawl. Later, bottle design has undergone some changes: we see all the same female figure, but in a low-cut evening dress. Naturally, the packaging is sustained in black, her gold-derived name of the fragrance.

Trésor, Climat, Magie Noire - three from the Lancôme fragrance under the sign of roses.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova