Aromatic spirits
 The aroma emanating from the person as a business card. The scent affects the subconscious of other people, and can talk about the man and his mood. The fragrance for women - a reflection of its inner essence. With it, a woman can seduce, to hint at anything, and even provoke and, especially, to defend themselves if necessary. For men, the aroma becomes an indicator of its material well-being and social status, perfume for men can be a means of self-affirmation and success of the female half. Although, I must say that many men have difficulty with the choice of fragrance that reflects their masculine identity. Therefore, women are trying to help them with the choice of picking up a perfume that would exuded the smell that attracts themselves.

Selecting a fragrance - a complex and at the same time delicate process, based on a person's character. The large variety of smells we choose something personal, intimate in nature.

It is believed that each corresponds to a particular flavor of temperament. Temperament can be individual or mixed, but in any case, it is based on your attitude. For example, hot, hot-tempered nature like tart, savory smells. A romance, seeking rest, choosing flowers and sea flavors. Testy, hot nature prefer the tart, spicy smells. Feel fragrant notes that chose for myself your loved one - and penetrate into the secrets of his character.   Choose the flavor, you can use your inner mood. And if you're having trouble with a choice of flavor, determine the temperament, and we will help you choose a unique flavor that matches your unique essence.

You are sustained and consistent, you have a smooth, smooth it, you are not prone to mood swings and constant in his affections. Try to avoid pompous phrases, but of love is faithfulness and constancy. In difficult situations, do not lose the ability to think logically. In the cases shown tenacity that helps you to always achieve the intended purpose. So persistence and endurance - your ace in life - You phlegmatic . You come wood \ floral aromas with notes of rich wood flavors combined with bright floral notes and floral \ fresh flavors with a light sweet floral fragrance with fresh notes fascinating. For example, toilet water from the Axis Sense of Spase - very gentle, clean flavor. Or Purplelight by Salvador Dali - a sensual, fresh scent with a refined charm. Noteworthy summer fragrance Yujin Pure by Ella Mikao with floral and fruity with a slight scent of citrus notes.

You are sociable, friendly, easy to get into any company and brings warmth and good atmosphere. Enjoy new experiences, travel, frequent change of scenery. You are efficient and can perform a variety of work that does not require prolonged concentration. Friends appreciate your sense of humor and artistry. You different from other people's ability to smooth out conflicts and elegant enough to go out any misunderstandings. You are strongly sanguine . You come flower \ fresh aromas with floral notes and romantic at the same time relaxed with woody and pleasantly surprise chypre aromas with citrus and woody sweetness. These flavors include, for example, Philtre d'Amour by Guerlain - enough fresh floral-chypre fragrance, or eau de toilette Angel Schlesser by Angel Shlesser with rich floral notes and fresh citrus combined with the smell of juniper.

You are freedom-loving, optimistic, I love communicating and often play a leading role in it. You are fond of nature, you are characteristic impulsiveness and sharpness. You inherent in working in a fast paced, impatient and quick decisions, but at the same time you try to bring any matter to an end, and many are running at full capacity. Love to start new projects and gladly take responsibility for their execution. In private life manifest warmth and directness. You are an active and positive choleric . You come flower \ wood aromas with a touch of sweet and tart in a harmonious combination of wood notes, as well as east, with interweaving aromas of citrus and spice with distant hints of fragrant flowers. For example, Benghal by Lancome - very soft, floral-fruity fragrance with spicy accents, or Mania by Giorgio Armani - a delicate, fresh and intoxicating fragrance in harmony with oriental spices.

You are sensitive and emotional, are inclined to empathize and understand the feelings of others. To make a decision, you need to soberly assess and weigh all the possibilities so that you can entrust the most crucial projects. Therefore you are careful and cautious. The relationship is sometimes present uncertainty, from which you can easily get rid of, if there is a loved one. Love music, art, dance. Likely, You melancholic - a romantic and a dreamer . You come flower \ fresh flavors with a slight accent of fresh flowers with bright citrus notes, floral \ fruit - from the air with delicate floral scent woody or fresh \ wood \ amber fragrance possessing bright natural fragrance with citrus, spicy and woody notes. A perfect example would be a cool, light citrus aroma 212 On Ice by Carolina Herrera or eau de parfum Volare from Oriflame, very expressive, yet romantic composition that will wrap floral cloud of roses and irises, lilies and violets. An ideal choice for a meeting with her beloved.

The aroma can be fascinating and captivating, sophisticated and classic, exciting and disturbing imagination, luxury and awakens the senses, light and romantic, but whatever it was, the scent will excite your mood and others.   And it will be a pleasant mood depends on the woman.

Fragrant your mood and inviting feeling.
Author: Anastasia Raikov