By Amber Ylang Ylang Estee Lauder
 Amber Ylang Ylang - it is quite adequate to the aroma of perfume among the absurd.

I admire Estee Lauder (and a woman and a brand) for the creation of a number of unforgettable flavors that I think will live forever. Thank you so much! Most of them belong to the old collections as Azuree, Private Collection, Youth Dew, Cinnabar. I admire them even more than the "new" releases such as Beautiful, Pleasures and White Linen. Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia has a composition of excellent quality, but this is absolutely not my topic. The Sensuous all right, but I can only enjoy the scent of the lotion, and even in summer prevails Bronze Goddess fragrance oil Sun, rather than the new fragrant idea, however, I bought a bottle.

Therefore, I have not experienced much excitement, waiting for the Private Collection Amber Ylang Ylang. For me, "amber" in the name of the fragrance is often associated with some viscous jaded smell that makes me choking. As reported, Aerin Lauder "drew inspiration from the luxurious simplicity of her own world." The fragrance captures the essence of a pleasant evening in a warm, cozy room full of rich textures of wood, velvet, cashmere in shades of brown and gold. It contains notes of bergamot, geranium, golden amber, ylang-ylang, Bulgarian rose, honey, incense, vanilla and sandalwood (some sources mention Ceylon cinnamon, which is not included in the main list of notes.)

I was impressed with Amber Ylang Ylang - it is quite adequate to the aroma of perfume among the absurd. If you are a fan of Tuberose Gardenia, undoubtedly, Amber Ylang Ylang will seem pretty calm perfume composition. Tuberose Gardenia - elegant, trendy fragrance that attracts attention when it begins to operate. With Amber Ylang Ylang also drawn the following picture: you quietly sneak through the side door, sit down in a cozy plush chair near the fireplace and drink a nice warming drink.

And for some of us, it may not be very good; even the most enthusiastic fans of perfumes may miss a rare but vivid moments pop up to the surface, such as Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada", when she suddenly burst into the office and throws his coat on the table. It disclosed Amber Ylang Ylang in a linear and predictable - spicy geranium and bergamot subside almost as soon as there are, leading the character and flavor of the culprit - ambergris. I absolutely do not catch the rose and ylang-ylang and honey sound much richer than just a bunch of sweet odors. Frankincense (and cinnamon?) - Spicy-resinous, reminiscent of benzoin. Provided quiet wood note, which reminds Sensuous. The basis is a warm woody amber vanilla.

It merges Amber Ylang Ylang with the skin, and as your soft cotton jacket is warm and comfortable for everyday use. But soft subtle fragrance on the wrist of my hand felt even in the morning.

Definitely Amber Ylang Ylang has less energy and power than, say, Beautiful and Beyond Paradise. Nevertheless, it is quite nice. Sensuous and Amber Ylang Ylang belong to a particular direction of the perfume Estee Lauder. Amber Ylang Ylang - first amber fragrance that does not cause me disgust, but rather the opposite.

Amber Ylang Ylang, the idea is not entirely new. On the other hand, using the flavor for a few days, I found it a special manifestation of restraint and refinement quite interesting. It is not sweet, sugary flavor - I can use it, going to a business meeting, and it does not feel awkward. It is not as sharp as Annick Goutal's Vanille Exquise, but very mature. Those who had hoped for another blockbuster, such as, Tuberose Gardenia - vain hope. Those who are looking for a quiet, elegant fragrance that is suitable for day and for evening out, without a drop of doubt may try Amber Ylang Ylang.
Author: Ann, New York