Celebrity Fragrances
 We have become a nation of hunters for images? We consider shamelessly pages and photo to each other in social Internet networks. And the faster growing number of people who want to smell like the characters they most admired.

Aromas: everything from Mariah (Mariah) to Miss Moss (Miss Moss) benefit.

Perfume market in the US is estimated at about £ 600 per year, more and more filled with fragrance, created by people "from the TV."

These famous perfumes spread like a plague over the past few years, and, in fact, were not anything, what you or I, dear reader, are in particular need. After all, most scents are released by the celebrity, which we do not have immense interest: Britney Spears (Britney Spears), Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton), Jade Goody (Jade Goody), Shilpa Shetty (Shilpa Shetty) - I can go on and further.

But recently, the global style icon Kate Moss has launched a self-titled fragrance that became evidence that fragrances from celebrities become desirable fragrant accessories.

I used Kate by Kate Moss for a few days, and I want to say that it is pretty good. This floral peppery flavor with slight musky overtones - the smell of innocent day without any hint of Marlborough Light or Glastonbury.

Sellers repeated that it was "sharp" and "avant-garde" flavor, like Kate Moss herself, but it is an incomplete description of it. This is a delightful, relaxing scent of perfume head tops the charts.

If you are interested - best seller last week was the scent of Katie Price (Katie Price) - Stunning. For the purpose of comparison, I tried it. What can I say? It smells like candied food casing, and can only praise the glamor model, also known under the name of Jordan, for a suitable and appetizing name. I carry it in my purse as a means of self-defense.

Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker) benefited from at his image in the serial "Sex and the City" by running a couple of years ago Lovely, - and became the first celebrity that launched fragrance, tasteful, very feminine and nice. Next her work - Covet - fresh citrus fragrance with chords honeysuckle.

The couple Beckham (Beckhams) also released a duo of flavors - the two called Intimately Beckham Night - with blatant advertising campaign. Statistics showed that the flavors were sold better than others - not surprising, since they are the same sense as their creators.

If you do not mind smelling like a girl from high society, Colin McLaughlin (Coleen McLoughlin) has released a new flavor - the result of a decade of work with the cosmetics company, is very attractive and charming. This youth, sweet perfume, with a small amount of rose and amber. Like Keith, Colin hopes to conquer the fashion industry for its future work.

Elizabeth Arden (Elizabeth Arden) also released a number of well-known fragrances. Writer Daniel Steele (Danielle Steel) introduced this year a new fragrance that contains notes of mandarin, jasmine and veimvera, but I can not with a straight face to say the words: "My perfume? Oh, that's - Danielle, Danielle Steele".

M by Mariah Carey - another job Arden - sweet, and at the same time, a classic blend of Moroccan incense and marshmallow. "It's for those whom I love, especially for my fans," - says Carey - "It's a way to share a part of my life and my world with them."
Author: Ann, New York