Heady aroma - Opium by Yves Saint Laurent
 The luxurious, spicy, enveloping and intoxicating scent, forcing him to go on mad men and women

In 1977, the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent released his legendary fragrance - Opium. It was a reflection of love Yves Saint Laurent to the east and the east and understanding of feminine beauty and sensuality. Yves Saint Laurent chose the provocative title of perfume, hinting at addiction, passion, magic. Never before had one in France would not let the spirits with a high concentration of alcohol, leaves an irresistible fragrant trail. However, later the creator of the American cosmetics empire Estee Lauder EsteeLauder reproached the French genius that its flavor is very similar to Youth Dew - refined oriental fragrance with fragrant plume. However, the perfume Opium was a masterpiece of art.

The sensational perfume, which became a cult of the XX century, perfumery houses (Jean-Louis and Jean Sizek Amick) managed to embody the charm, mystery and magic znoynost Asian night. The composition begins with spicy and fruity notes (amber, musk, laurel, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, coriander, mandarin, orange, plum, peach), which go to the heart of a rich bouquet of flowers (rose, carnation, lily of the valley, jasmine, iris, ylang-ylang). The database is heard exotic blend of sweet fragrant wood (sandalwood) and frankincense. Perhaps its magical attraction Opium due to the presence in its composition attraktivov musk and amber, used since ancient times women in the East. Opium - This evening exquisite fragrance, designed for large receptions and special occasions. He stands so that you will feel it even the next morning.

But priceless diamond need a decent cut. In order not to destroy the oriental concept for Opium it needed a bottle that reflects the nature of its eastern and luxury. Designer Pierre Dinand as a prototype for a bottle chose Japanese lacquered box 'inros', which was intended for storing herbs, aromatic, drugs and medicines, and worn under the kimono silk cord. Later, bottle shape has been changed.

Investors funding the perfume project did not expected such a resounding success. But Yves Saint Laurent was convinced that Opium become a sensation in Paris and around the world. Opium has won in absentia. In all the tests conducted in France, Germany and the United States of expert staff among the different spirits in the same, is not signed bottles, did not hesitate to choose the spicy flavor that has become legendary. C the first day of the sale of Opium has broken all records. Apparently justifying its name, Opium became drives people crazy - everyone wanted Opium!
In 2004, Yves Saint Laurent introduced the fragrance Opium Summer Fragrance - beautiful summer version of the legendary luxury fragrance Opium. Sharp notes of fresh citrus and Italian bergamot, sweet scents of jasmine and seductive patchouli skillfully infused with traditional spicy accords of cloves, vanilla and myrrh. Release of the spirits was limited.

In 2005, the House of Yves Saint Laurent issued a floral scent - a variation on the classic Opium - Opium Fleur de Shanghai. This interpretation is devoted to the beautiful oriental flower - Chinese magnolia, symbolizing feminine individuality, beauty and tenderness. This is - an exotic, sensual floral composition, accented by traditional China aromatic nuances - orange, mandarin, jasmine and vanilla. At the heart of Opium Fleur de Shanghai is the original perfume, but Shanghai fantasy lighter and not so intoxicating that allows you to use perfume during the day. Release of the spirits was limited.

In 2006, the iconic fragrance Opium was released in a new format - the perfume was dispensed into vials in black patent leather, decorated with the image of a lotus - a true symbol of purity and brilliance.

In late 2006, fashion house introduced a new version of Opium - Opium Fleur Imperiale. In his new creation perfumers Yves Saint Laurent opened one of the deepest secrets of the East - the power of the imperial flower - a flower apricot. Every spring it blossoms symbolizes the rebirth of life, filled with tenderness, pleasure, elegance and joy. The aroma reveals notes of mandarin orange, neroli and bergamot. Base notes of "heart" more sweet: apricot flower, jasmine, cloves. The final chord sounded spicy osmanthus, vanilla, patchouli and amber. Release of the spirits was limited.

In 2007 there was a new female Opium Orchidee de Chine Eau d'Orient. This time floral-oriental fragrance was dedicated to the orchid - the symbol of the Chinese imperial palace. Flower elected Chinese Empress, was designed to embody the absolute purity and femininity. Bottle for perfume decorated with stylized yellow and pink flowers, what paint expensive kimonos. Freshness of Chinese orchid, dominant notes underlying the floral-oriental fragrance, in common with the rich shades of mandarin and neroli. The special charm gives this fragrance become traditional for Opium oriental spices. White jasmine and pink carnations give the flavor of soft and emphasize its uniqueness.

A woman has the grace of a panther Opium and hypnotic, mesmerizing eyes. This exotic dangerous predator. The fold of the dress, heel height, turn heads and tone of voice - everything is thought out to the smallest detail, in order to conquer and seduce. Vanity - not her style, she is impressive and regal - a true oriental princess. Woman Opium - bright, creative, stylish and sophisticated woman.
Author: Inna Sedykh