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 Anything is possible, and the more unusual features - the better!
The motto of the niche perfumery.

Since the first perfumers Arabs until the late XIX-early XX centuries, perfume was a sign of wealth and luxury. Fragrant liquid sometimes cost quite fabulous money. However, in the XX century, in the era of technological revolution and chemical property of the elite gradually converted product mass-market. Advances in chemistry have allowed to create cheap synthetic analogs of almost all components of the perfume, which significantly reduced the cost and made publicly available. If before the creation of the fragrance in the fashion houses took two years, the modern technologies allow to produce new perfume collection a few times a season. As a result, the shelves crammed with bottles of aromatic content, calculated on the average youth taste, that is, to the best of fresh, moderately sweet, fairly easy, fairly cheerful, moderately sexy, etc.

Niche or selective perfumery - Answer true perfumers "average" product, devoid of individual persons. However, do not just think of your favorite bottles of Dior, Chanel, Gucci or Lancome. Yes, it is high quality and expensive perfumes, but the high-end brand is widely advertised and are present in every perfume shop. They are publicly available. So, they are not selective, even in spite of the high prices.

Niche brands to stay on perfume Olympus, should have no more than 250 points of sale of its products worldwide to every customer feel their exclusivity and involvement fragrant miracle. Due to the necessary limiting the release of perfumed products to meet virtually selective forgery. Furthermore, the high cost due to the use in the manufacture of high quality raw materials, mostly natural. Some components are so rare that cost a fortune.

An important difference is its selective perfumery conceptually. To create fragrances class 'Lux' invited not only individual flavors master, but the whole team of specialists, most of whom are not known to the general public and can work on creating scents for different brands and different directions. The uniqueness of the selective perfumery is that on every brand has one or two high-perfumer, allowing selective acquire individuality and emotion "of their parents."

Manufacturers selective perfumery never go on about fashion. They do not try to be "in the jet." They create works of art, enclosed in glass, the owner of which can only be elected judge, who truly understands the style and fashion. They create a very fashionable. These brands sell not just the smell and glossy advertising image, but a complex product consisting of ideas, emotions and memories.

If you still want to join the circle of favorites and become the owner of a unique fragrant quintessence, then turn your attention to one of the top niche brands: Amouage, Annick Goutal, Diptyque, E.Coudray, Erno Laszlo, Frederic Malle, Il Profumo, Jo Malone, L`Artisan Parfumeur, Miller Harris, Montale, Parfums de Rosine, Penhaligon, Serge Lutens.


Amouage - successful synthesis of two thousand years of experience of Arab perfumery traditions and the best modern technology of the French perfume industry. In 1983, the Sultan of Oman decides to revive the art of Arabian perfumery. Sultan invited the famous French perfumer Guy Robber help in this project. The ruler of Oman suggested that the maestro of fragrances "in anything does not deny" - use any of the ingredients of any value. In turn, Guy Robber has created the most expensive fragrance that time - Gold.

All the flavors of this brand are manufactured according to all the traditions of the ancient Arab perfumery art, whose history and roots are very deep and extensive - which is one and unique features inherent in this binational brand. In addition, Amouage is known, and its bottles, which are coated with different types of gold and encrusted with precious stones.

Amouage Gold Pour Femme.   Luxury traditional oriental fragrance for special occasions. Gold - a luxury and seduction, the taste of oriental spices, sandalwood and bliss that prevails in the palace. Gold - a dopey flower garden in Damascus (iris, jasmine, lily of the valley, rock rose) and seductive aromas of secret love potions (amber) .. Amouage Gold Pour Femme - the embodiment of beauty, luxury and prestige. The bottle is made of precious French crystal with a lid, covered with 24-carat gold, made in ancient Arabic style.

 Hot Couture perfumes

Amouage Siel.   This fragrance is sparkling fresh floral shades. It cools and invigorates like rain on a hot summer day. Reflecting the sun's heat, he fills tranquility and quiet, thanks to the silver frankincense and sensual woody notes. Top notes: gardenia, cyclamen, violet petals. Heart notes of peach, lily, rose, jasmine. Notes loop: amber, musk, cedar, sandalwood and incense.

 Hot Couture perfumes

Amouage Lyric.   Selective brand has released a real ode to the rose. It doubles the flavor, and each of the components of the duo plays with a rose theme. Lyric Woman is built on the notes of bergamot, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, rose, angelica, jasmine, ylang-ylang, geranium, iris root, oak moss, musk, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean, incense.

 Hot Couture perfumes

L`Artisan Parfumeur

The French company was founded L`Artisan Parfumeur famous perfumer Jean Laporte in 1976. Creating a company Laporte drew inspiration from the ancient tradition of French perfumery art. In 1976 he released his first fragrance Mure et Musc, which was a sensation at the time. Aroma reproduce the feeling of sun-drenched summer garden. Another smell it seemed the house outside the city. In the third, he also evoked warm summer associations with something personal, almost intimate. Since then, each subsequent fragrance by L'Artisan Parfumeur carries a positive associative load, almost able to resurrect extinct pleasant memories.

L'eau D'ambre.   Women's eau de toilette has a typical oriental flavor. Musk, patchouli and amber notes create a calm, slightly intriguing bouquet, which will emphasize the individuality of the image, your femininity and irresistible.

 Hot Couture perfumes

Dzongkha.   Eau de toilette is an unusual blend of flavors inspired by the impressions of the journey to the kingdom of Bhutan, where reigns the smell of incense and stones out of the sanctuary, mixed with aromas of leather, spiced tea and wildlife. Exotic flowers, incense, spicy notes of tea on your skin are disclosed each time in different ways, giving rise to new flavors of its own, transmitting mysterious spirit of the ancient state in the snowy Himalayas.

 Hot Couture perfumes

Ananas Fizz.   This eau de toilette - an explosive cocktail of rich colors, strong energy and sunlight. Ananas Fizz - an exotic blend of aromas of citrus and tropical fruits. He easily will give holiday mood every day. Fresh green and bright notes of citrus accord creates a wonderful feeling of freshness and vitality. Top notes: pink grapefruit, bergamot, bitter orange. Note the "heart": rum, pineapple "Victoria". Final note: lychee juice, coconut milk and vanilla.

 Hot Couture perfumes


French brand Montale as Amouga related to the topic of the Arab East. Its creator Pierre Montal Dolgov lived in Saudi Arabia for 3 years and created fragrances for themselves sheikhs and their families. Montale Oriental Attar recalls - traditional Arabic perfumes, which does not use alcohol, but only a mixture of different fragrant oils. Precious woods, incense, amber, precious aromatic oils combined in flavors that are similar to a magic potion. Perfumes Montale is more concentrated and stable. It represents the 3 main lines: Satisfactory line, male line and female line. Bottles of this brand are made of aluminum. Aluminum bottle of 50 ml in a black silk bag was designed specifically to protect fragrances from light.

Since ancient times, satisfies oil (oil aquilaria) used in perfumery East and Japan. Scented ointment of Arabia, extracted from the roots of a tree satisfies and held for several years in a special pit, protected from temperature extremes and sunlight, secretive way of which later turns satisfies oil - a mystical flavor, having aphrodisiac properties. Price kilogram of oil from its timber can reach 30-50 thousand dollars.

Amandes Orientales. Sickly bitter, marvelously sweet and incredibly attractive aroma. The first impression - the notes of roasted sweet almond kernels slowly mixed with vanilla, then reveal fragrant bouquet of oriental spices. Amandes Orientales - tree aroma of hot, bitter almond and vanilla velvet.

 Hot Couture perfumes

Aoud Rose Petals.   Flavor with the romantic name "Golden Rose Petals" combines the freshness rose from Nepal, the charm of amber, cedar and teak. Notes and rose wood set off by the king of spices - saffron, which gives the perfume oriental refinement and luxury.

 Hot Couture perfumes

Black Aoud.   This fragrance - a special pride of the brand Montale. The smell of oil is based on oriental oud wood, it is really with nothing to confuse even completely insensitive to people perfume. Base notes: sesame, grapefruit, spices from India, the tree andira.

 Hot Couture perfumes

Chocolate Greedy.   Playful name perfume - 'Jealous chocolate' - reveals the essence of the brilliant discoveries perfumers Montale. The enchanting fantasy with which you look at the fire, listening as a whisper crackling logs in the fireplace, and warms the soul flavored hot chocolate mug which you for anything and anyone not give. Elegant, sensual, creamy flavor for sophisticated.

 Hot Couture perfumes

Author: Inna Sedykh