How to bring the arrival of spring
 By the calendar has already come spring, and on the street all the same snow, sleet and greyness. It seems that spring will never come ... If you're not one of those lucky ones who for a good mood enough to date on the calendar, and if you are to be happy, Bring sun, greenery, flowers and blue sky, here's to you the little secrets of how to using scents can bring the arrival of spring.

Close your eyes and imagine your body in a comfortable cocoon, and the head with the kind of somewhere in the clouds, breathe fresh and clean air ... The sky inspires designers to create fragrances, paintings depicting various air: oxygen, clouds, coast ... At Kenzo even has a special bath powder that turns into a cloud of milk. Another idea: scented candle with the scent of white tea and sweet with the scent of musk products from the American brand Clean.

Air flavors:

L'Eau d'Issey Une goutte de nuage by Issey Miyake: The fragrance called "A piece of cloud" is like "cotton white cloud in the vast and clear blue sky." Note buds of roses surrounded by white musk wood.

Hugo Element by Hugo Boss: Fresh and light fragrance for men, so you'll feel at ease wherever you go. Air and wet perfume bottle is placed in a canister of oxygen.

Voleur de Ciels by Stephanie de Saint Aignan: Inspired by a journey by plane, this eau de toilette, whose name translates as "flying in the sky" is a combination of aromatic leather seats and fuel on a substrate made of milk jasmine. Suitable for both men and women.

Lait en poudre from Kenzoki: Let breast bath carry away all their problems ... As soon as you add the powder to the bath water will turn into a "milk" and ethereal aroma of white lotus will create an aura of pleasant relaxation.

Take journey to a distant forest green , without leaving home! Perfumes invite you to discover the tropical forests of the Amazon rain forests of Panama, of patchouli plantation on the island of Java or refreshing tropical waterfalls. To create a home atmosphere suitable means of The Body Shop with notes of green plants, with a collection of scented candles from Diptyque woody or massage oil with a few drops of essential oil of patchouli.

Green and woody fragrances:

Fleur de Liane by L'Artisan Parfumeur: Aroma, "stolen" perfumer while traveling on the tropical island of Bahia Honda in Panama. The composition consists of a green, floral and woody notes.

Polo Explorer by Ralph Lauren: Fragrance for men looking for adventure. Wood wave yavayskogo patchouli, Cuban mahogany, Hawaiian waterfalls and Baltic amber create a masculine aura.

Forest Rain by Kiehl's: A refreshing eau de toilette for men and women is the epitome of rain, bright green, tree sap and fragrant crust.

Herbal Clarity Home Fragrance Oil by The Body Shop: Add a few drops of oil in the aroma lamp ... and welcome to the world of purity of plant-scented tea tree and herbs right at home!

Just one breath - and you find yourself in sun-warmed citrus garden   with a cocktail of mandarin and litchi. Certain notes in perfumes have a wonderful property fill us with inexhaustible energy. Perfumers, of course, aware of this, so generously supplying their creations citrus essences and juicy fruit combined with sparkling green and spicy nuances. Try, for example, grapefruit Guerlain Pamplelune or ginger cream soufflé of Origins.

Citrus flavors:

Hippy Fizz by Moschino: And a bottle, and the composition of the fragrance are the perfect medicine against bad moods. This cocktail of citrus fruits and flowers perfectly shaded apricot note osmanthus.

Dior Homme Sport by Dior: Pelozhite in Shaker little ginger, lemon and citrus peel, add a little vetiver - and mix well ... get a sparkling refreshing fragrance for men by Dior!

Vivara Roll-on Eau de parfum by Pucci: This fragrance is easy to fit in any purse in case of an unexpected attack of melancholy. Multicolored bottle contains solar composition in which jasmine supplemented refreshing notes of bergamot and hints of green galbanum.

Yuzu bath oil from Shu Uemura: Welcome to the world of sparkling yuzu flavor and sparkling little citrus fruit from Japan - and all this in your bath! A delicious fragrant adventure!
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina