Kenzo 7:15 AM in Bali
 Fruity floral fragrance created by perfumer Daphné Bugey, "delicate and pleasant" includes notes of vanilla, orchid, jasmine and passion fruit.

Wanting to buy Kenzo Amour Le Parfum, discovered in our local Sephora, I noticed a fairly inexpensive bottle of Kenzo 7:15 AM in Bali, which has already had heard earlier. I knew almost nothing about the new flavor, except that it contains notes of vanilla and the perfume is quite calm. No one, probably does not like peace and harmony Kenzo, as I am.

I would not be surprised, for example, that in the morning wake-up flavor waiting to Bali discovered, for example, wood chords. Maybe the steam from boiled rice? Aroma Beach? Whatever it was, it was definitely something different. I went online and found out that's what. Chords are quite simple: jasmine, vanilla, orchid and passion fruit. Created by Daphne Bugey, it is classified as a fruity floral fragrance.

7:15 AM in Bali offers a powerful citrus notes, something between a grapefruit and oranges, and not so much sweet and heavy as a little powdery and vanilla. The next 10 to 15 minutes a strong citrus verge of fading and smoothly into the vanilla fragrance of sweet-sour powdery notes that, as I understand it, are the result of passion, and all this is a pretty integral composition. The Notes are not overly active, but not fleeting characteristic manifestations KenzoAmour, at least for me.

Full opening - I did not have an exact representation of the smell of passion fruit. I spent a lot of time on the internet and spent his fun - because the problem of "how smells passion fruit" is identical to the way "to describe, for example, green." But passion fruit allegedly used to create a grapefruit flavor in some of the body, so I met different descriptions, inspired by citrus, sour, creamy exotic. So I just had to guess what a strange smell, coexisting in parallel with vanilla and passion fruit there. This "nevanilnaya" part - a mixture of grapefruit, cranberry, tangerine and mango.

About a year ago I became a devoted fan of vanilla flavor that may be difficult to surprise anyone. I like vanilla in all its manifestations, including cigarettes, wood or leather. But not with citrus. Together, vanilla and citrus smell ... is unacceptable to me. It was so hectic and annoying in Shalimar Light. This is the olfactory equivalent of the gravity of the heart-shaped chocolate box, or the realization that you just swallowed a lemon cream. Ugh! I hate these things. Perhaps it depends on personal preference, but I do not think the vanilla and citrus, in principle, may well be combined.

So I got this fragrance. I use it all week, asking friends, relatives and (hell, why not?) Casual acquaintances what they think. He is not heavy, just a little peculiar - thanks to a stranger sweet fragrance, balanced with vanilla. Perhaps he is perfect for the crazy girl, however, I love it. Women have assumed that he would be "sexy." One man said, "delicious." But what I think? I agree with everyone, but I'd add another stack of chips (more accurately, a package of foreign chocolates). This will be part of the small countries, which took possession of me. This morning I did not cause the flavor, but took with him. Because I'm sure that I want.
Author: Ann, New York