Organic chemistry
 Duty Free international airports confirm that perfumes - a global industry. Easily transportable and Affordable perfume - best in fashionable brand. This maelstrom of billion dollars, which is always added a track.

An example is the new mother Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) .Dvuyazychnaya pop singer has released her latest fragrance Deseo two "languages": a light, floral fragrance for the Asian market and the plain wood - for all others. "Jennifer Lopez - a very famous brand in Japan, but we know that the success of woody fragrances are not here," - says Catherine Walsh (Catherine Walsh), the representative of American Fragrances at Coty. "She worked directly with our Japanese team to create something that would appeal to local tastes."

Global spraying

Feeling a great desire to please the tastes of absolutely everyone, some perfume makers are beginning to adjust the formula. It is no secret that the savory flavors (also called "oriental" in professional language) are selling well in the Middle East, while citrus fruits - hit in the Mediterranean countries, where blooming orange and lemon trees. However, there was a time when citrus perfumes not resonate in these countries in general. But with the release of CK One in 1994, suddenly, it was noted that each new fragrances include these clean citrus notes. In other words, an unusual perfume could break cultural barriers.

"The attraction to one another flavor and rejection - a scientific answer" -obyasnyaet Hirch Alan (Alan Hirsch), the founder and neurological director of Chicago's Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. "Unlike animals, born with the ability to sense danger or prey in their special environment, a person learns only from experience." It is well known: while as of the need to three years to fully begin to function, our ability to smell is completely formed on the third month in the womb, so the eating habits of our mothers begins to influence our own. After the birth of our olfactory learning continues. The aroma of cooking at home, the fragrance of flowers in the nearby park, the smell of parents and loved one - all this will have an impact on your choice in the future.

Today, Asian women prefer clean, nefruktovye aromas - quite naturally, when eating habits are formed from tofu and green tea, while, as, for example, the average American prefers sweet smells (to live the homemade apple pie!).

In fact, the name of the star flavor guarantees only the first purchase. Here there should be internal communication to get the consumer to buy the product again and make it a success. Fragrance Celine Dion - Sensational - based on jasmine has proven resistance, which is complemented by its stellar popularity.

- We are the universe

Even the cultural and religious rituals play a significant role in what the smell is good for a particular individual. When Giorgio Armani created his Prive Bois d'Encens in 2005, he visited a great number of Catholic churches, to convey the true flavor of incense. Kenzo Amour Indian Holi, and Hermès Un Jardin Après La Mousson is an example of the connection of spicy incense, cardamom and sandalwood, associated with the Indian festival of Holi and spring rainy season in Kerala, respectively.