Spirits sexy.
 Smells, evoke sensuality nascent desire - what are they?

"But this little man in the blue jacket was suddenly among them, though up from the ground, with a small bottle in his hand, from which he took out the cork. It was the first of what they could remember. And then he was up and down all sprinkled itself with the contents of the vial, and suddenly the whole beauty shone as by radiant heat.

For an instant they recoiled from the deepest of reverence and wonder. But then he felt that recoiled as if the crowd rushed to him, and their awe turned into lust, their surprise - to the delight. This man-angel attracted them. "
  Patrick Suskind. "Perfume"

The secret of its spirits, causing people in adoration, passion and wild desire, perfumery, as we know, took with him. But even today there are perfumers in the world who know what kind of feeling can cause a particular smell.

All the experts agree: it smells of animals are most able to create a sense of sexual desire in perfumes. Only many of these substances are not used today, and some even banned.

"In the Middle Ages, - says perfumer Annikki Le Gere - alchemists prepared exciting sensual perfume mixing plant substances, such as aloe, camphor with products of animal nature: musk, amber and chive. They were placed in a bewitching perfume even human food, for example, women's blood (menstruation), or urine. "(Just imagine the reaction of our contemporaries who read this type of ingredients on the labels of their spirits!)

All these animal substances - amber, musk, chive and castor oil - mixed with a plant-based diet, gave a very, very entailing fragrances in perfumes.

A study of sex appeal, finding the essence of scents in perfumes are always conducted.

Some years ago, environmental organizations and animal protection societies have eliminated these natural ingredients spirits in favor of synthetic equivalents. However, the study of sex appeal in perfumery is always true. "In human odors, on the same basis as that of the animal smells, strong power of attraction, 'continued Annikki Le Gere.

"They say, for example, that Henry IV was the" olfactory "blow love - after ran in while the ball room to wipe his perspiring face, the king felt the fresh smell of sweat on his shirt his future mistress Gabrielle d'Estrees, dressed in the same room a few minutes before this. "

"We can not recall the magical spirits Perfume Suskind, and this finding smell a woman's skin, about the search for the essence of the smell in perfume!"

But animals are not the only smells that trigger a craving. Spirits in strong concentration, especially the eastern, have a reputation for fragrances that can evoke sensuality, more than the spirits of light, sea or flower. Known force of attraction and languor evoked oriental flavors. Some floral aromas, where we have used colors like patchouli and tuberose are also very sensual reputation.

"Today - concludes Annikki Le Gere - perfume formulations no longer have anything to do with the past elixirs exciting sensuality, but at the same time, there are very beautiful spirits".

Speaking about the individual choice of perfume, perfumers are reminded of that by connecting with your skin, perfumes provide a completely unique range of flavors.

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