The heady scent of India - Shalimar
 Woman Shalimar - sensual beauty. Woman Shalimar - a mystery. Woman Shalimar able to conquer any heart.

The last XX century was innovative - are the new concepts of clothing, the fashion is cosmetics and, of course, the creative revolution has not spared and perfumes. In the XX century it was created cult fragrances, which became a style icon, a symbol of femininity and refinement. One of these was the perfume Shalimar (the days of the first perfume with typical oriental notes), created by perfumer Jacques Guerlain in 1925.

Jacques Guerlain was inspired by a real love story of an Indian emperor .  Shah Jahan, the great Emperor of India, gave his favorite Mumtaz Mahal boundless love .  He promised to build her a palace and a beautiful rose garden surround him - after she gives birth to a son .  Unfortunately, she died in childbirth .  Woe to the ruler was great, and no one could comfort him .  And what he wanted - to fulfill his promise .  Palace had to be beautiful as his favorite, huge as it hill, excellent as his feelings for her .  The architect asked him to draft the project, but it was not that, not that .  Then he ordered the man to kill his wife! Let him experience what I have experienced .  Then it creates what I promised .  And so it happened .  In the world there was a beautiful palace - the Taj Mahal, which Shah smashed around beautiful gardens, known as Shalimar ("Garden of Love") .  Guerlain tried to recreate in their perfume fragrances oriental garden .  The citrus notes are present, lush flowers and sweet, intoxicating oriental incense and vanilla (jasmine from Grasse, rose, lemon, bergamot, tonka bean, fragrant resin opoponaks, feminine and voluptuous vanilla, iris) .

As with all products of Guerlain, Shalimar - a work of art of perfumery. It uses ingredients of the highest quality. It is known that, for example, to create a unique vanilla bitterness was applied a mixture of different degrees of purification of vanillin. But not only the content but also the bottle for the precious liquid - a true masterpiece - a graceful vessel of crystal Baccarat. Bottle of perfume Shalimar - one of the most famous in the history of perfume, along with the bottle of Chanel № 5. But, unlike the perfume Chanel, Shalimar bottle was not used for other perfume house Guerlain.

After many years of great perfume Shalimar continued to rise above the crowd and ephemeral perfume has a strong position in the market and in the hearts of fans. Shalimar long time remained unchanged, but in 2006, Guerlain has produced a lighter, fresh interpretation of the classic fragrance Shalimar - Shalimar Light. Shalimar Light - is the continuation of a genuine love story of an Indian Shah to his concubine - the composition of notes of bergamot, iris, vanilla opopanaksa and supplemented with fresh citrus notes. Temptation and enveloping temptation for sensual woman.

Shalimar - breath trembling sensuality, spice and the sharpness of the eternal mystery.
Author: Inna Sedykh