The smell of money? The smell of gold!
 Comme des Garcons is a new and unique fragrance that reproduces the "smell" of gold (8 of 88). For many thousands of years the metal symbolizes wealth and happiness, but until now no one knew how to smell the gold.

The fashion brand Comme des Garçons, which is translated from the French "like boys", was founded in 1969, REI Kawakubo. Japanese Rei Kawakubo throughout the years of the existence of shocks rather conservative world of the West, with its preconceived ideas about the shape of the human body, clothing design, color and sexuality.

  In 1994. The company launched its first perfume, called as well as the fashion house - 'Comme Des Garçons'. The founder and sole owner of the fashion brand created a furor in perfumery, changing the usual for that time the concept of sexual attractiveness, releasing "associative flavors" (svezhevyglazhennogo linen smell, the smell of hot asphalt and so on.). The desire to change everything touched and shaped perfume bottles that after working on them maestro began to resemble medicines, toys and accessories.

Negates the very idea of ​​luxury, avant-garde brand Comme des Garcons still could not resist the personification of wealth and prosperity and a symbol of royalty - before the gold. However, do not think that a niche fashion house has decided to release its own line of jewelry made of gold or decorate manufactured clothing and accessories. No! The company has gone much further and found out what it smells like a noble metal. Leaving aside the works of the alchemists of the Middle Ages, ancient myths and legends of different peoples of the world, Comme des Garcons led his own formula smell gold. Already at the presentation of "liquid gold" creative director of Comme des Garcons explained that the original idea was born: Does your gold flavor. So, perfumers began to search for olfactory expression of this noble metal.

For the golden flavor were taken as a basis for two key elements: two specially designed molecule - Safraline and Pepperwood - molecular derivative of saffron, created by the Swiss fragrance house Givaudan, one of which perfumers - Antoine Lie - and created the aroma 888. Safraline allows you to smell the golden liquid luxurious and expensive skin. Pepperwood is a molecule with a slight accent of spices and spices. The first molecule gives freshness and moisture floral and fruit notes, telling them their transverse energy. The second is a multi-faceted nature of spicy saffron, leather, tobacco and floral-pink shades. Top notes of the fragrance smells make traditional oriental spices: turmeric, coriander and a special piquancy spicy mixture gives the molecule Pepperwood. "Heart" of "liquid gold" - a combination of molecules Safraleine, geranium and incense, which gives the perfume a certain solemnity. Base notes of sensual aroma of patchouli and amber.

When choosing a name for a new perfume, which is the epitome of wealth, luck, prosperity and financial well-being, the creators do not accidentally turned their attention to the figure 8. According to the laws of numerology and beliefs of different peoples of the East, the number 8 brings a lot of positive momentum. It is a symbol of infinity and wealth. For the Chinese, the number 8 is a lucky and brings home a material prosperity and well-being. In India and Japan, the number 8 is a symbol of wealth and abundance.

The form of the bottle in the form of drops of mercury irregular shape is kind of a classic for this Japanese brand - in such bottles have been previously released first fragrance houses - Eau de Parfum, Eau de Cologne, and Comme des Garcons. Magnetic golden sheen of the polished surface of the glass "drops" will attract even those who absolutely does not follow fashion and fashion-industry innovations.

Denying luxury, Comme des Garcons has created one of the most luxurious and "rich" perfume. Speaking against the dogmatic ideas about sex differences and sexuality, fashion house has created one of the most feminine and subtle aromas with a clear oriental overtones. As the founder and creator of antiparfyumerii conceptual line of synthetic and urban odors, Comme des Garcons has created a fragrance that can be attributed to the ancient classic perfumes - oily amber and smells of Asia.
Author: Inna Sedykh