Sexual power of smell. Part 2
 Continued tips on how to use only one perfume can bring to mind a man.

The memory of the flavor will make him miss you

"The smell can further increase the emotional attraction", - says Teresa White, Assistant Department of Neurology and Psychology, SUNY Upstate Medical University, New York.

This happens because of the classical situation: if you start to associate the smell of a man, his perception is associated with the scent. " The majority of men surveyed (69%) explained that they have an inexplicable feeling when they catch the scent of the girl, which met before. 85% said that there was a sudden flavor (for example, on a cushion or garment) awakens desire.

The strength of the perfume of the game:   There are many ways to charm him, sprinkle a little perfume on his pillow so that it does not look obtrusive. Or you can often "forget" your scarf with a train of flavor in the car. Another trick: when washing your underwear put on dried wardrobe items a little perfume. Then your nightgown, pajamas and other clothing in which you sleep, will exude a smell familiar to him. But note that the smell must be associated it with you, so carefully select spirits.

The fragrance can make vigorous sex

  Perhaps it is hard to imagine, but the best and memorable sex, was the one that accompanied the "hot flavors." 58% of men surveyed said that the scent of a woman made their erotic caresses and tender. "The smell adds a new sensation in sexual games, he reveals sexual swagger and helps dissolve completely in a partner," - says Gilbert.

The strength of the perfume of the game:
  just spray a little perfume before making love, but if you want to extend the fun - play on the feelings. "The most important thing - it is an appeal to the high level of integration of the sensor system," - says Teresa White. "When you play, you need to feelings were running high. To create a romantic, surround yourself with a cozy atmosphere. Arrange everywhere scented candles create a pleasant shade. And your partner will be in heaven from his overflowing emotions. "