After pregnancy and childbirth: a beautiful and well-groomed!
 On the Internet and in the press a lot of materials with tips on how to stay beautiful during pregnancy. But it turns out, and after such a happy event in the life of every woman as childbirth, care of the self also has its peculiarities. This is not only a post-Babe diet, but also post-partum beauty tips.

The whole blues. Baby blues

If used during pregnancy, most women are surrounded with attention and care of loved ones, after the birth somehow changing. Young mom instead immerse themselves in the long-awaited moment of communicating with your baby, do not always feel positive emotions.

Psychologists and doctors often describe the new sensation has recently given birth woman term baby blues. It sounds very poetic phrase, but is challenging everyday life, with which we encounter after pregnancy. Baby blues - it's not depression, but a complex emotional state, due to the strong hormonal fluctuations. Someone feels it immediately and very strongly, someone this applies to a lesser extent. But no one would argue with the fact that hormonal postpartum women fully be left to stand too long, the level of estrogen drops sharply, lactation also changes the overall condition of the woman. Hence many problems, including skin, hair and nails.

It feels better after 3 months after birth, but some imperfections remain. They will fight.

 After pregnancy and childbirth: a beautiful and well-groomed!

Post-Babe Problem 1: Circles under the eyes, fatigue, and swelling around the eyes

Unfortunately, the swelling may accompany you for quite a long time while you are breastfeeding. After all, the body stores the liquid to the process of lactation. The result - swelling of the face and swollen eyes. Fortunately, with the active lifestyle to dinner all the passes. But there are tips to help minimize the unpleasant effects:
- Sleep on a high pillow,
- Limit the drink for the night,
- Use cooling rolls or chilled folk remedies (cucumber slices, potato)
- Buy a good concealer yellow or golden color.

Babe Post-Issue 2: Brown spots

This echoes a consequence of pregnancy and hormonal changes. Addressing start with glycolic peel (this may be the means or salon treatment with glycolic acid). Next - Course brightening and nourishing facial masks. It is convenient to use the tissue mask, it is very easy to apply and remove. And be sure to use sunscreen when going outside. Available options - light foundation (liquid or tinted moisturizing cream, multitasking means BB or CC), which is a part of the filter SPF of 20 or more.

Babe Post-Issue 3: dull complexion

Insufficient sleep and low energy levels lead to the fact that the skin loses its natural glow and a fresh look. One of the reasons - poor hydration, so make sure to use a moisturizer twice a day and drink plenty of fluids. Return glow skin concentrated serum and a thorough exfoliation. Better not use abrasive scrubs and scrubs to apply on the basis of fruit acids, they quickly return the skin glow.

Post-issue Babe 4: Acne

Hormonal differences lead to acne and pimples, and not just on the face, and often on the back and chest. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide may be too aggressive, it is better to look for alternative non-chemical solutions. Buy facial wash, designed for skin with acne and thoroughly clean the face twice a day, can be a good complement a soft brush for the face. Means for acne skin to soothe the skin, acne podlechivat available. 2 times a week, you can use a mask with a gray or clay to completely unclog pores and balance sebum production.

 After pregnancy and childbirth: a beautiful and well-groomed!

And finally, a few simple but very effective tips to maintain its beauty in the first months after birth:

1. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Many once the baby falls asleep, running about their business, trying to spend this time on their household chores. As a result, when the baby wakes up and wants your attention, you feel exhausted and tired. Try another principle: to sleep when the baby sleeps. And when he wakes up, you'll be energetic and full of strength, and all have time to: feed, freshen up, take a walk with your child.

2. Eat well and drink a lot. Power is important to maintain power during lactation. Now you need a lot of calories, and do not be afraid to eat well and often, by the weight it should not affect, breastfeeding takes away a lot of calories. Think diet that consisted of dishes that are easy to prepare and stock up for the day ahead. Need to drink too much: Drink water or juice without sugar, it will keep the body and skin hydrated.

3. Often take a shower. Start your day with certainly the soul. This procedure helps to calm down, get a burst of energy. Buy a means to shower with your favorite scent to get as much positive emotions. Ideal - to take a shower several times a day, such as morning, afternoon nap, and after a walk in the evening.

4. Moisturize your skin to be more abundant.   When breastfed lost a lot of liquid, so the skin can be dry almost constantly. Be sure to moisturize the skin creams and lotions, as well as drinking lots of water, it helps to moisturize and fight against stretch marks.

5. Make-up - just everything you need.   We do not advise to give up make-up, because it helps women to feel confident and attractive. But limit yourself only the bare essentials: concealer, blush, mascara, tinted lip balm.

6. Return girlfriends. The first few months after birth took you with new concerns. The child, of course, will now always have in the first place. But in order to facilitate the complex emotional state of baby blues, make an effort to reconnect with friends and other family members. Ordinary everyday conversations and exchange of views will help to recover, regain confidence. And at least 1 hour a day just dedicate yourself: watch TV, read magazines, go shopping.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin