Art of the first appointment with the continuation of
 The first meeting with the man of your dreams can happen in different ways - to an exciting evening or a friendly party in the noisy company, or in an intimate setting of the restaurant. And during this meeting it is very important to make the right impression, which will determine the future course of events.

In most cases, it is not without flirting. You can give a rough definition, that flirting with the first date - a kind of playing with fire, which has continued ambiguous - it can be a romantic relationship in the future, and short-term meetings, and simple friendship, and disappointment. But no matter what scenario you did not expect, you should remember a few simple things.

At first , Every woman should be some mystery. It is not necessary at the first meeting completely open unfamiliar men. Create areola of mystery can be using the enigmatic smile, the original make-up, fascinating stories from his life with the unfinished end.

Secondly Or in any case not at first glance give the impression of an easily accessible girl. Explicit sexual allusions (too open clothes, stroking a finger round glass) show exclusively on intentions to spend the night together. But if you want a long and serious relationship, you can not behave in this way. And if a guy has repeatedly while talking gives these hints - think - you may want to let him know that you'd better stay on friendly terms.

Third , Can produce a negative impression of the open flirting with everyone (if it comes to a party or a disco, where assembled a large group of friends or acquaintances). Remember, for men it can be a sign of levity or stupidity.

 Art of the first appointment with the continuation of
   But much more "profitable" to impress the wise and restrained girl who is ready for a serious relationship, not just to easy flirtation. By the way, to avoid the blunders of which you will regret later, it is better not to appear, and be so. In this case, there is more likely to find your true soul mate, not just to seduce charming macho, who may just looking for a girlfriend for the evening. In other words, the first meeting will be a continuation of a serious, if you are able to show their best qualities (not only demonstrate good looks and blesnёsh intelligence and wit).

In addition, you need to play at flirting with ease. And that this game does not become tense and exhausting, it is better in any case to be themselves, not someone else trying to put on a mask, which, in your opinion, like the one you're trying to win. And if you notice that your true face (ie, the "you" with all your strengths and weaknesses), to put it mildly, "not his type," or "the heroine is not his novel" rational time to finish the struggle for the conquest of men's hearts, and just step aside. The main thing - the belief that you still all ahead, and you are sure to meet his hero.

Some argue that the half you can feel a certain way - from the first meeting, the first call or even a glance. However, many familiar with the situation when it is necessary to pass through a series of trial and error before you make the right choice. And in order to avoid serious trouble with the showdown, and again, not to make false impression of ease of availability, it should never be on a first date to show readiness for sexual contact.

 Art of the first appointment with the continuation of
 It should go back to the question of how to show their best qualities. Think perfect makeup and perfectly matched outfit to make a man lose his head? Do not comfort yourself with illusions - every man who wishes to continue the meetings, and romantic relationships, she wants to "see" in your inner world and maybe solve your secrets (if you are, according to the first item of the plan, you can create a mysterious areola). Therefore, instead of the whole evening talking about meaningless things, it is better to remember something that can really affect it, and intrigue. For example, you have a greater chance of success if you have common hobbies, and you know something is what love to talk with each other man (ie the themes "technique", "sport", "automobile" and others.) .

And most importantly - forget about the failures and disappointments. Even if your first dates do not yet have sequels, they treated them as a kind of preparatory game, which will further help develop the correct patterns of behavior.
Author: Alla Pilipenko