As Freiling has helped me to become slim
 To begin with, I 33 years. I'm married and I have a son 7 years. I have a sedentary job. I am the one who decided to rank as the "office plankton". In order to avoid further misunderstandings, make a reservation at once that I am happily married. I never overweight, lead a moderately sporty lifestyle, but my husband is pathologically afraid that I recover.

He notices the slightest hesitation in my body: unsightly belly tumbled out of the low-waist trousers, hips are wider, arms recovered. What is the reaction of a normal woman to such comments? Correctly! The average woman, do not hesitate to issue a verdict: "He does not love me! For him, the main thing is my body, not my inner fulfillment. If you like really, I have to like him either. " I thought so too at first and resented Wife joked, snap, even in spite of did nothing when felt really recover. After 30 years, the metabolism is not the same, and the body has become soften, elasticity is gone, the balance began to show steady weight gain. At this point, I came across one of the books about Transerfing Vadim Zealand, and from the first time I learned about Freiling.

In a nutshell, the Freiling   - It is such a course of action when you start from the fact that the stop at any cost benefit of communicating with people around you, but rather trying to give people what they need, and therefore get automatic bonuses for themselves. For example, a person who is not familiar with Freiling, will try to direct you to present your products and to persuade to buy it. Literate same dealer practicing Freiling, first check with you that you are looking for, what problems you want to solve with this. Ie He talks to you not that you need it (at all costs to sell you a product), and that you need! See the difference? Do you think that in any case you are more likely to buy? The answer is obvious. We always priori pleasant chat with people who not only constantly talk about themselves, but also a keen interest in our lives.

Similarly, Freiling operates in other areas of our lives: in building relationships with colleagues, superiors, loved ones, career, construction, etc. If you expand your vector behavior at 180 degrees and wonder what you need is not for us, but our interlocutor opponent, counterparty, and try to answer this question, you can get from a man immeasurably greater benefit than if we just something Just wanted him.

I tried to embody this simple principle in the relationship with your spouse. I hurled insults at his remarks and asked myself what my husband wants me to, that will make him happy? I introduced him happy face when he looks at my body postroynevshee how to praise me, and I thank him in return for what convinced me to do is, as I admire themselves in the mirror and puts your favorite skirt. And I felt so comfortable in this my imagination! My soul jumped with joy, and the mind has found a solution to do his physical form rational and appropriate.

 As Freiling has helped me to become slim
   So, we decided! I enrolled in a gym. The effect of this decision was stunning and lightning. I just started practicing, my husband has become happy. Ceased to grumble, to make comments. Until significant changes in the figure was still a long way, but my husband had already been satisfied. I'm doing something, do something, it's not been started up to chance, and he was proud of me. And I was proud of myself! Motivation was a multi-tiered. House struggled supported her husband, in the gym, I met like-minded people, and hiking became doubly interesting for me.

Today I can not imagine my life without sports club. For me, this is not just a source of harmony and fit my body, which came a few months later measured (not exhausting!) Training. Sports for me was the opportunity to distract from the household chores, kind of reflex. In addition, the sports club is constantly feeds me with new information and provides material for my fascination with female journalism. I gradually became acquainted with the feature classes in the gym, tried to mix aerobics, and now is incredibly passionate about Pilates. And all of these bonuses thanks Freiling! Having made such little effort over himself and turned to face the requests of a loved one, I got so much benefit for themselves, as themselves, and could not imagine at the time, it seemed to me the assignment.

So do not be afraid to give in, do not be afraid to think of others. Freiling - this is the gambit that is able to make you and your surroundings really happy!
Author: Natalia Hryshko