Come without complexes! Why women deny themselves the pleasure?
 Probably not on the ground of any woman who would not be subject to the complexes. Inner suffering can cause a particular figure, a small material income and even a slight mess in the apartment. All these complexes significantly complicate the life of its owner, but among them there are especially dangerous group - complexes that prevent us from having fun. How to deal with them?

Agree, no complex is not sad night out alone. In particular, if you want a masculine warmth and affection, sparkling champagne and chocolate. How to deal with their fears? - Only one way - fully trust the man!

And suddenly he needed a sex?

This is probably the most common misconception that women have come up with themselves. Although, in fairness, we note that they were on this ground. There is a certain caste of men - pick up artist, who not only encouraged and publicized show himself not with the best hand, but also urge others to do so. Unfortunately, sometimes very successfully. But their interest rate with respect to the "normal" members of the stronger sex is so insignificant that it is not necessary to even worry about it. After all, as we know, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And we have with you the plans for the evening!

What to do?   Think about what a good meal is unthinkable without spices and harmonious relations is impossible without sex. Do not be ashamed of sexual desire, if you are already a little over 18 and your feelings are mutual. Experiment in bed and become a man for a breath of air, without which he can not live.

Alas, I'm not a beauty

Thoughts that own appearance leaves much to be desired, from time to time visited almost every woman. Well, if it manifests itself in the form of light and can be solved, for example, preference for pastel dresses, and not screaming colors, but in fact there are altogether inadequate situation.

If the complexes suffers intimate life that is aggressively and confidently tends to zero and eroding, ask yourself one question: if everything is so bad, why did he choose you? - Is not that a sign that you care about him? At the end of it all, of the women who are perfect? Are all features whose shapes are far from the model parameters there is nothing better than to practice sex in the dark?

What to do?   If the uncertainty of their own attractiveness dictate your actions, dwarfing them all the joy of life, to take urgent action! Sign up for consultation to the psychologist, read books on personal development or ask for advice on the forum MyCharm - we have something to say to each other. We will help you to reconsider its attitude to itself the better. And remember, even the supermodels largely owe their beauty quality home care and decorative cosmetics. The true feminine charm brings the smile.

And if it does not work?

It happens that the sad experience of the first sexual relationship affects the intimate life of a woman. Absolutely not matter that he has a "statute of limitations", fears and resentments are relevant and centuries later. And if the idea of ​​"what if he'll be just as bad as the first" sounds too hard in his temples, it is time to get rid of the burden of past failures and tell yourself "Stop!"

What to do?   Realize that skill comes with age. The ability to do well myself and partner in the process of dating only sand. Forget the distress and failures of the past, be passionate, free and loved. Arm frank laundry, watch a film about the art of love, or even buy sex toys. Lovers can all but standing on the spot. So, full speed ahead!

What if he throws me right

More than half of the fair sex do not wish to start relationships with men because of the fear to go through a painful break. To a large extent contribute to this high-profile celebrities movable processes scandalous "quarrels of the hut" on the screens of television shows and even a frank chat with friends with the theme of the day "heavy everyday life of a married woman." Someone does not accept all of the above to heart, the other - is stepping up its own facilities, get rid of them is sometimes difficult.

What to do?   Tune in to a positive and look at the world with optimism. Examples of a happy family life very much, so the spoon with their inspiration! Do not let the idle rumors and bad impression to put an end to your happiness. Be sociable, strive for new acquaintances and flirtation, try, risk and end up next to you will be the one who will heal you from unnecessary complexes. Take it on the road to the first step!

Be happy and loved!
Author: Natalia Bartukova