Do you need lessons charm ...
 The famous Frenchman Jean La Bruyere once stated a remarkable idea that "everyone has their own notion of female attractiveness and beauty - it is something permanent and not dependent on the tastes and judgments." This opinion has survived centuries.

But today, in a new era of mass refers to the fact that we, the girls, you need to complete a special 'school' beauty, sexuality, charming. Do not trust? Pay attention to the advertising of special courses (which, in particular, refers to the comprehensive training of deceit and similar skills).

Teachers of non-standard schools (each of which presents itself as a specialist in a particular industry) confidently prove gullible female students that they just need to change something in yourself that only a few lessons will help each gain an internal belief in their own superiority, to learn how to conquer the stronger sex a glance, a gesture ... And after such appeals revenues such institutions are changing for the better.

 Do you need lessons charm ...
   And what changes in the minds of their graduates? If they begin to look at themselves differently? Or reveal the secret powers?

Before you look for in a global network of their reviews, I suggest to get acquainted with the activities of several such schools. Perhaps some information and share a sense of humor will help you understand whether or not to spend income on development skills, which from time immemorial transmitted through generations of female genes.

Although a reservation in advance, I have to persuade anyone not going. I just want to pick among readers topical issues.

 Do you need lessons charm ...
 Talk about learning the art of geisha ...
... And other ancient priestesses of love. Courses aimed at it, began today, probably more common than beauty school or master classes on makeup application. No, no, do not jump to conclusions - not because of the effects of the global crisis girls hurry to change profession.

Moving away from the topic, it is worth noting that before calling the geisha is not for sexual favors, and entertainment of guests dancing, playing musical instruments and talking. They play a special role at banquets and parties (where they were she who arranges the tea ceremony, the factory fascinating conversations).

Now, studying school programs geisha can be seen in their different ideology. Which one? Besides lessons basic skills of the geisha - proper tea and conducting conversations with men (and, as an addition, choosing a life partner), in terms of their lessons sometimes you can see the amazing titles lessons - "the fullness of feminine energy, its doubling", "work on ... intimate zones "and so forth. Can you learn those lessons without teachers?

Trained experts calling for attending the trial sessions, of course, will argue that this is impossible. However, because our great-grandmother, not knowing about the aspects of the disclosure of the female energy, the special work with the intimate parts of the body (do not laugh - this is a quote from the announcements of activities in the scales) knew how to charm once our great-grandfathers charm, words and sexuality. And even distribute power to negotiate with colleagues, to care for themselves and the children, to maintain order in the house, and (important) on the favorite. And surrounds the family with love.

As they succeeded - a topic for another conversation. Go ahead.

It is interesting
The founder of one of these schools in Russia (places elite class, by the way) once revealed in an interview a few trade secrets. In particular, from his words it was clear that he and his colleagues had brought the centuries-old geisha philosophy here, but due to the ambiguous attitude to the concept of "Geisha" was forced to change the name of the school. Now it is more commonly known as "The Scientific Advisory Center family preservation", in which a woman can feel the potential of its beauty (and Kindle undying interest on the part of the beloved) ... However, according to the graduates of the center, it does not give as much new knowledge as new emotions (which indirectly cause the girls recorded on updating its training).

 Do you need lessons charm ...
 The study of the mysteries of the ancient world
Sometimes the names of schools sexuality cause a smile. But at the same time, they also lure his extravagance and hints of intrigue. Judge for yourself, how easy is it to lure us into the school, which, according to the sign, develop "Mystery of the Egyptian ruler?" Or "natural magic powers?"

I think it is easy, especially if the program refers to the fact that a number of activities will allow to immerse in the special atmosphere of art of the ancient countries to discover new facets of love (known ancient priestesses), master "technology" connection to the natural energy ... and in addition learn about the procedures of the merger partner.

Looking up from reading these releases, we should briefly reflect on the basis of which the coaches will give us new knowledge. After all, do not fly, they actually hot Africa or overseas Japan (whose art is the basis of such sessions) ?!

Although, of course, anything can happen, but in most cases the training attractiveness and sexuality are based on theoretical materials, their books taken from the century-old history. So, do not be simpler to buy the famous "Kama Sutra", take in the library several popular works of psychoanalysts about seduction and feminine charm and self-learn the art of queens always be welcome and perfect? But this, of course, is an individual matter.

 Do you need lessons charm ...
 To summarize
List of varieties schools lure is very long. In him, in particular, can enter a unique center of magic, where, according to teachers, priestesses can develop supernatural powers (susceptible, but unlikely, in my opinion), the School of Development and perfection (in courses which include the lessons of femininity and psychology of relationships) .

Moving away from the outlined criticism, just I want to note that all of them share one positive aspect - the mood in the positive. Yes, it's still good if after visiting the exciting ways girls of different ages learn to see the good side in yourself, your life, loved ones, if their hearts are awakened forgotten hopes and dreams.

By the way, in the program of one of the schools have a good point - eastern techniques of cleansing the body by means of getting rid of negative emotions. They are based - as we see - an undeniable relationship of physical and mental health. But it is necessary to know what to eliminate from yourself negative thoughts, experiences, psychological distress can be and with the help of auto-training (which can be carried out at home), frank conversations with girlfriends, confessions and other techniques.

But it is worth remembering that the diploma (certificate, certificate) on leaving school attractiveness (ideal mistresses, and so on. D.) Never gives assurances that the men will be welcome at your feet, and you will soon find its sole prince. Even if you announce to the availability at a piece of paper! And the stronger sex will like, if you just talk to them in free themes and be yourself, and not to remember the studied aspects of building a dialogue with men, and testing techniques of seduction, erotic cooking and so on. D.
Author: Alla Pilipenko