How much is your free time woman
 The creators of the feature films "Time" sample in 2011 stirred the minds of millions of viewers the idea of ​​replacing the currency in human society unit of time. Imagine that you have worked day and you employer paid not in money but time.

Rich, has huge reserves of time, can live forever! Time can give, to borrow, barter at a pawn shop on bail jewelry. An interesting idea, but you may be surprised that it has already partially implemented in today's society. Modern woman every day experiencing an acute shortage of time and is ready to pay money just to carve out minutes and currently available. How do the ladies, that is we are with you, buy yourself time, and how much it costs, let's deal together.

Modern appliances - a great blessing, which releases a lot of free time a woman. Washing machine can save up to 1 hour in the women's day. The price of such savings is the cost of the washing machine and the cost of electricity. The average cost of the washing machine today is about 500 USD, and the period of its operation tends to be 10 years, ie, 3660 days. Taking an average of that washing machine running 1 hour a day, by simple calculation, we see that our hour of free time due to work the washing machine will cost us 500/3660 = 0, 14 USD At about the same amount it will pour us a half hour of time saved on washing the dishes in the dishwasher.

Such household appliances as a vacuum cleaner, a microwave oven, food processor, unfortunately, we will ease a little time, but at the same time save the life forces that rob us of the household chores.

But the employment of the modern woman is not only from the work on the farm .  We all want to be well-groomed: smooth legs, bikini design, neat armpit namanekyurennye nails .  All of this takes away from us a lot of time .  But in the category of personal care there are more opportunities to buy back this time .  Thus, unwanted hair once and for all effective against laser hair removal .  By the most conservative estimates, the removal of unwanted vegetation takes us up to one hour per month .  If we assume that the active time grooming a woman lasts from 20 to 60 years, in 40 years we will spend most hair removal is less than 40 * 12 = 480 hours .  And it is only if we do not spend time on a trip to the salon to the master and perform their own hair removal at home .  Laser hair removal is the main zones will cost about 300 have . e .  However, for complete removal of unwanted hair may need to repeat once or twice .  T . e .  We accept that the final and permanently removes hairs from the main zones will cost us about 1000 at the . e .  T . e .  In other words, we will buy 480 hours for 1000 from . e .  and accordingly every such time we will manage to 0 from 48 . e .  Not a bad deal, agree?

You can pay off time and manicure treatments. Picking with nails at home, we spend about an hour a week, especially when you consider that within a week, and still have time to fix a minimum quality of the nail surface. Having spent the same hour in the cabin on a nail polish-gel, which will last for 3-4 weeks, we will save a couple of hours a month. The cost of the procedure salon nail gel varnish is about 15 USD Ie saved every hour cost us 7 5u.e.

 How much is your free time woman
   And so, what area of ​​the life of modern ladies do not undertake, we always try to pay off the waste of time. We buy in the supermarket polufabikaty to save time on idle stove. We acquire no-beeches and pay a monthly fee for using the Internet to save time on finding the right prescription, order products at home, real communication. We allocate their earnings blood for the purchase of e-books, so as not to waste time on public transport.

You agree that in terms of 1 hour poured the whole economy of the time is not so much money? What do we get for the time saved? Yes, a lot of things! It is time for simple human love, it is time for a simple woman's happiness, this time on a favorite hobby, live communication with their children, family or friends. And all this is priceless and no money for it is not a pity!
Author: Natalia Hryshko