How to buy makeup practical woman
 Probably never women buy their cosmetics as much as in the pre-holiday. And after the holidays, it is impossible to resist the temptation to go for cosmetic shops, especially among the gifts suddenly showed a certificate from some well-known company.

And then there is a situation familiar to millions of women - both among the endless shelves with beautiful jars, shiny tubes, bottles of all colors and alluring waves of flavors to choose a something one, what you really need, and not just caught my eye? Yes, and do not manage to spend all the money at the same time. The objective, comparable only to that of the labors of Hercules.

So what rules should govern the purchase of cosmetics?

In advance, make a home at least a preliminary list of what you really need to buy any items from the beauticians you would like to update. If you need a certain way, do not be afraid to bring a photo or cutting from a women's magazine. Shop assistant will help you to choose the makeup is under the image. If you want to buy a lipstick or cream that you had before, and ended, bring the used tube or jar them. Even if you do not find exactly the same product, a consultant will help you choose the most similar.

Try samples
This is the best way to understand whether you fit one or another color. Do not be afraid to seem greedy, going through all the samples in a row. To do this, in fact, they are there and present. Assess the need shades with maximum natural light, so choosing cosmetics, try to get closer to the window.

Be open to experiment
The biggest mistake that women often make - that reluctance to try something new. But how else you can find something unexpectedly good? We have to change according to fashion and our age, do not always follow a proven recipes. Just do not buy a lot at once experimental colors or large object. It is better to buy a tiny tube of lipstick, which, if it does not fit, it is easy to leave with no regrets and impact on the wallet.

Do not feel guilty
Even if you have tried all samples perenyuhali all the spirits and took two hours of the seller, do not take that out of guilt you have to buy anything. Do not spare his own time, and if you do not buy - in the end, you have acquired some experience. A negative experience - also are known to experience.

Do not buy large items of cosmetics
Instead of one big jar, for example, shadows, it is better to buy a miniature naborchik with multiple shades. The same tone quickly bored, and there are many shadows in your life you used completely to the end? And so you get a few shades of the price of one. Choosing the right palette will include all the nuances needed for a particular image, and thus easy to fit even the tiniest evening clutch, so if necessary you always have the opportunity to correct makeup. Therefore, without any remorse add to your shopping list miniature sets of shadows, blush and lipstick.

How to buy kits:

- Look for kits containing eye shadow, blush, lipstick in the same or close color.

- Choose the makeup, proper tone of your face - cold or warm. Woman with a cold tone suit pink, purple, gray and blue shades, a woman with a warm color have to manifest itself in peach, gold, bronze or green tones. Not sure about his tone - neutral shades of pink, beige, brown, white will help you out in any situation and suited to almost any outfit.

- Better if in the set will be present and applicators to him. Of course, at home to apply well-tested cosmetics is best convenient brush, but in the "hiking" conditions carry a mini-applicator does not hurt.

- If you have found the perfect as you think, a set of cosmetics - friendly, miniature and containing the correct color - do not be greedy and buy a couple of extra - Statement for future use or as a gift for friends, co-worker or any woman to be something give without long preliminary search (for example, a doctor treating you).
Author: Al Marina Rabac