How to take energy? Tips Flayledi
 Inattention to themselves, their needs and responsibilities of the author of "The Flying Housewife. Reflections at the kitchen sink, "Marla calls Scilly riding with an empty tank. What can give yourself and your family a woman, knocked out of power due to lack of attention, the chaos at home and rush, which does not allow to do it right and to organize?

Flayledi - a response to the popular wisdom "would know where you fall - straw podstelil be." Marla Scilly - a housewife, once she had suffered because of the confusion and chaos, and now knows exactly where the "falls" most of the women and tells them what to do to avoid unnecessary stress.

 How to take energy? Tips Flayledi

What's in the tank?

That is what should be done to make life simpler, easier and happier. We present you tips on Marla's Isles of Scilly.

Clothing for tomorrow

If you select the eve of what to wear, and prepare clothing (ironed, hang on a hanger, pick up accessories, cosmetics, etc.), in the morning you can avoid unpleasant surprises like (for example, you forgot to wash the shirt, which was supposed to put this costumes), and the morning rush and unnecessary hassle. Everything has been cleaned and prepared. Dress - one minute. Over time, you will appreciate the advice that, because training on the eve of clothing takes the main stress to your morning.


Everyone knows that clean, shiny sink - this is the main "trick" Flayledi. This is not surprising, because nothing is more annoying in the morning, as the dirty dishes in the sink at least dirty. If you take care of it the night before, in the morning you will be greeted in the kitchen cleanliness, order, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee will further improve your mood.

 How to take energy? Tips Flayledi

Outward appearance

Marla Scilly is very sensitive to the appearance of a woman. The fact that the appearance of not only determines how much we feel good about yourself in the mirror, but our mood, the spirit, the willingness to perform certain actions. Quoting myself up, we prepare ourselves psychologically for some cases, the achievement of some goals (even if they are different at all). If we remain in the same form as got out of bed (in his pajamas), it is difficult to expect that we immediately rinemsya into battle - to study, to work, to engage in a hobby, imposing cleanliness, etc. So, look - it's an important psychological moment, which should always be taken into account. Do not forget to "put beauty" (at least a minimum - cleansing, toning, moisturizing the skin, combing hair).


The longer you sit in the evening at the television or computer monitor, the more you "emptied his tank." How to tackle the forces of cheerful morning, and productive work, cleaning or provocative study focused if you voluntarily reduce the time of his dream? So turn off the TV, leave the activity on Facebook and other networks. It is better to think about yourself and reserve forces for tomorrow.

 How to take energy? Tips Flayledi


It is only at first glance it seems that "in the tank can fill with any fuel." What we eat has a huge impact on our productivity. In the list of "invigorating" products appear:

- Vegetables and fruits   - Sources of vitamins and minerals. Valuable substances from vegetables, greens (such as spinach), berries and fruit fairly rapidly absorbed. Therefore, even after eating a small apple, you will feel a surge of strength.

- Legumes   - A source of manganese, phosphorus and iron, which are great struggle with fatigue, apathy and lethargy.

- Dairy.

- Nuts.   Potassium is the major source of energy for cells, and its many nuts.

- Seeds.

- Cereals.   For example, in the oatmeal includes a lot of nutrients, so porridge or muesli after you immediately become more cheerful. The same can be said of the buckwheat.

Do not forget to drink water throughout the day - it is also the most important source of energy.


Restoring force is necessary not only on the physical but also on a psychological level. So take time (every day, not just on the weekends), classes that fill you with energy - a hobby, reading, silence, music, walks, etc. Whatever you do, do not forget to be interrupted for a short vacation - a shower, a cup of tea.

All of what you do, it is important to do with love. Therefore, organize and turn everything as you like. Wear clothes that you like, arrange the items so that they are pleasing to the eye, beautifully Set the table to enjoy delicious and healthy meals. Do not scold yourself for mistakes and failures - just tune in and draw conclusions for the best.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya