My husband does not want sex. With me or no?
 Hello, beautiful!

Thanks to one of the girls who are not too lazy to carry out a public opinion poll among your friends and find out the answer to this question is of interest to many, and it would be necessary to discuss.

My dear, I really want to write something like:
If you got a model man №1, then ...
If the model men №2, then ...

But unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), men do not make templates, and hence the precise guidance to the causes and remedy "failure" does not exist (and certainly there, alas).

So let's consider the most options and the reasons for, and then too, each automatically find the appropriate option to its half.


Yes, indeed, and there's no getting around it, over time, sexual desire in a stable couple decreases.

And not only him.

Think a minute yourself, dear . You're also unlikely to attack him with the same fervor as in the first three months of your meetings? No, of course, it is ... Especially if a martini or interfere shampusik, well, on average? ... That's the same ...
In general, the relationship between a man and a woman - not just ...

But again the question of the title of the article appeared, therefore husband wants less than you. Disorder.

What's the matter?

Let's just throw out the argument of the series: from primitive times man tried to impregnate as many females, so where he has sown his seed he is not interested ... We're not in a cave live and know a lot of men from the swagger that his wife unless I do not moan, though many years together. So let's not write off the problems of the historical reality.

But we have a lot to write off the physiology!

1. The peak of male sexuality in 17-20 years. Peak female: 30-35.
You feel the difference? Ie that way with a 30-year-old man should be your less and less. The process of extinction is happening slowly but surely.

And you just walk into the most juice! The children came out of infancy and stable sleep at night, not enough thin waist high chest or taken for granted and no longer be a problem incompatible with sex. In general, long live sex! A husband would be better beer ... Not satisfied? Fight!

It is necessary to increase the amount of testosterone in his blood.   How?

- If fattened belly, even thinner.   Do not just harsh diets. Just stop frying potatoes, make salads with mayonnaise and sausage sandwiches. The principles of a healthy diet, will bear fruit. Only without fanaticism, please. And so the husband can lose.

- Sports. Best of all dances.   Sign up for a tango. First, load more forgiving than the gym, which is important if the earlier years of the maximum distance traveled by foot husband is "away from the apartment to the car." Second, the pair dances unite, raise an erotic attraction to each other.

- Massage the testicles.   Massaging the scrotum and its contents increases the production of testosterone. And it will be very nice man. And sex can provoke. Therefore, massaging his scrotum as often as you can (preferably daily) for at least 10 minutes. Be sure to consider: using oil scrotum should not be tightened to the body.

- Agree to have sex ever.   The less your man will have sex, the faster it it will no longer be needed. Therefore, in your best interest always be "in shape" and, of course, be for the fact that he masturbated.

2. temperament.
  Perhaps you have different sexual constitution. If you are dark-eyed, dark-skinned, and even short-legged (relative to body length) + hair removal - your everything, and he eyed leggy (relative to body length) with unexpressed hairy and thin bone, the ...

Nah ... I do not guess! This is not a sketch: "Beauty and the Beast" is: a passionate woman and a relatively cool man! Ie Many notebooks beauties who look at us from the TV screens on the fact of sex need not ... Rather like when you're just starting to meet, everything will be fine, but when the hormones calm down ...

There is a pseudo-scientific test:
Look at your index finger on his leg. If it is significantly longer than the big toe - your strong sexual constitution. The fingers are about the same - an average constitution. The index is shorter than the big - low sexual constitution. The same rule applies to men.

By the way, in our latitudes are more common average and weak constitution. Where the south - strong.

Remarque.   I beg you, do not give voice to man the test results only if you have not found him a strong sexual constitution. Nothing but insults such frankness, you will not achieve.

If this is your case, you have a stalemate situation
Masturbation or lover (for better family relationships masturbation). However, the tips of n. 1 about food, sports and massage - to use a must!

3. Sublimation.
  If your husband is like unto a curse or the plow directs all his energy in a different direction (eg, computer games), the amount of free energy, which is directed to sex is not enough.

While some wives workaholics contrary lucky. There are people who remove the backbreaking work stress through sex.

With the majority of the same in a different way - energy is completely spent - no sex.   What can you advise?

If his energy is sublimated into job   and it is paying off, for example, he is happy and realized, love you, children, in general, all chiki-peaks than sex, then, food, sports and massage the testicles has not been canceled - will work. But hardly as much as you want. It is not possible that all the newfound power it will send back to work. But happy, realized the man (especially if it is also financially allows your family to feel confident) is good. So wait for the holidays, masturbate, and from time to time to arrange his various sexual surprises on Sunday (the second output power must have saved up a little).

If his destructive sublimation   - A computer, for example, the trick to help you. Your task is to come up with a partner (in addition to dance, but not in lieu of) where a computer will not, and it will be interesting to both.

 My husband does not want sex. With me or no?

We now consider the habit.

Alas! If your husband turned up the lady corresponding to its notions of beauty, he wants it.
  Strongly. Regardless of the temperament and the amount of work. And there will be something in between or not, it depends on many factors as: ready ladies, men submissions on the admissibility of infidelity, etc. etc. But the fact remains the fact - sexual desire is!

And with us ?!

Even if we are 100% fall in its ideal of beauty on us after the n-th number of years, so quickly did not rise. Because we are always nearby. We're his property (he thinks).

As I seem to be joking Fomenko: "Everyone is good, its a pity! "

Forcing regularly jealous not an option.   If one man is really egged and causes over the years to be in good shape, the other, on the contrary, such behavior makes women quickly sever all relations.

What solution?

1. Keep yourself in shape.   Do not hope that the 20 extra padding appearing on you during your life together - he has to understand and accept. Yes, you have borne him children, yes, he too "plump" over the years.

So what? The man loves his eyes!
It's hard to choose something that is very different from the ideals of beauty promoted. It's hard to even want ideals when with them for many years together, and it is absolutely not perfect, it is almost impossible ...

Your he tells you he likes you and such? Well, of course!
Firstly, what an idiot he is, with his own hands to provoke a protracted scandal in the family? And it is inevitable if he suddenly say, "Well, yes, kilogrammchikov 10 -15 and can be reset."

Second, you can really like it! You're a wonderful person, a caring mother, a gentle husband, and a stunning one which so many of his associates! But that's only for the sexual desire is not enough of it all ...

In general, if you know that different from what he met you - grow thin!

2. me.   When you were 20 Th chelochkoy tail and you can go and even decorated. But now!

If you have thick beautiful hair haircut make an elongated (eg, as in Jennifer Aninston) and from time to time something to change, such as color. At least once in five years, but dramatically!

If the hair is not so lucky, I was more - do hair very short or very long to build up.

Give your man a sense of the "other woman" next. Of course it's not just about hair, but also many other things: style, interests, preferences holiday.

3. Develop sex together.   This is what I wrote in the article: "The fact that all sex is natural, that happens by mutual consent. But it's good right? »Read on

4. Arrange your spouse time to time "sexy surprises."   Not very often, but not necessarily. These things make it possible to retain a continuing interest to themselves beautiful.

These are the pies, my dear reader. Next time I will talk about how and what kind of sex you can make a surprise to her husband.

And while Analyze everything I wrote above, and do it!

Laziness? You're counting on the magic pill? No, dear, what is the "launching" over the years, it can not be cured in one day. Any creative activity requires effort. It only destroys everything on its own.

So in effect until the marital sex, and perhaps from the family, not in ruins!

All you can do it!
Author: Lena Your Light