Need cheerfulness?
 Give yourself a couple of minutes and you come to the tone.

1. To remove the charging voltage is perfect for the neck.   Remember, all movements should be smooth. First, "draw" a semi-circle head from left to right, then - in the opposite direction. Gently move your neck, shoulders, turn your head in different directions. You can perform the head tilts to the right, then to the left shoulder. This "mini-charging" and improves blood circulation, and your mood.

2. There are a couple minutes and relaxation?   Excellent! Put your palms on the closed eyes. Think of something pleasant and joyful for you. When you're ready, open your eyes and smile yourself! Life is beautiful, and you too.

3. Gently knead earlobes.   It is proved that in this zone is a huge amount of biologically active points stimulation which helps strengthen the immune system and come in tone. Make a head massage, which, incidentally, will be very useful for the health of hair.

4. To go through life flying gait, do not forget to pamper your feet massage Which will not only help relieve fatigue. On the soles of the feet are also located acupressure points that are responsible for vital organs. Prepare warming foot bath, followed by massage movements put scrub Wash and rub moisturizer or emollient cream. If there is no time - just to ride a special ball for a foot massage, which is great stimulate areas that are responsible for skin tone and health.

 Need cheerfulness?
 5. Ventilate the room.   If you can, come out and walk. Nothing is so exhilarating as freshness.

6. If pressed for time, and douche it categorically missing - wash.   Water washes away the negative energy, you will feel refreshed. Pat face with a towel and dry it easy patting movements fingertips. This will help to improve the complexion, giving skin a natural glow. If you do not have sensitive skin - try to gently pinch the cheeks. Take advantage of a tonic, which will remove the remnants of dirt, cleanse the pores. Now renew makeup, hair, and forward - to new victories!

7. Concentrate on your breathing.   Take a couple of deep breaths and sweet pull. Feel every cell of your body is saturated with oxygen, and you get a surge of positive energy. Deep breath energizes, while concentrating on exhaling promotes relaxation. Try to so-called "cleansing breath." Take a deep breath in through your nose, then exhale slowly through the folded "tube" lips.

8. brew of cocoa.   This drink helps to cheer up perfectly thanks to the tonic substances such as caffeine and fenilefilamin, which, incidentally, is an antidepressant. The cocoa contains biologically active substances that stimulate mental activity. Incidentally, scientists have shown that the content of antioxidants in the drink is higher than in red wine or tea. The main thing is always read composition: an extra "chemistry" you nowhere.

 Need cheerfulness?
 9. Do not found the cocoa? Brew green tea with mint.   Put a slice of lemon when the tea has cooled slightly, to preserve vitamins. Slowly, enjoy a rewarding drink and dream, think of something pleasant

10. Do you prefer black tea?   Brew it with ginger, honey and lemon. Ginger improves metabolism, warms and tones. Studies show that lemon flavor relieves stress, tones and helps to concentrate better than other odors. Add to "Aromatherapy" vitamin C to strengthen the immune system, which also acts as an antioxidant and get a refreshing drink. Incidentally, lemon reduces cholesterol in blood. Instead, you can add ginger tea cinnamon or cloves. Cinnamon activates the brain, stimulates the nervous system, improves attention and visual memory. Clove helps to restore strength after fatigue and has antiseptic properties.

11. Pamper yourself chocolate or ice cream.   Of course, a diet - it's good, but only if the restrictions do not go into a maniacal passion. All this will automatically impact on your mood and ability to enjoy life.

12. Purchase the brightest and pretty cup and saucer.   Suppose that while eating you "produced" a good mood, even just looking at a beautiful table setting.

 Need cheerfulness?
 13. Turn cheerful music and "mash"   - Make a couple of exercises or loans charging. Choose exercises that you enjoy in. Thus, you not only increase the level of serotonin (the hormone of joy) in the body, but also contribute to vnesesh own beauty, vitality and health.

14. Arrange the global "feast of order and cleanliness" of the house.   Throw trash overdue cosmetics, uncomfortable shoes, give things that do not wear for a long time. Thus, according to psychologists, you will not only equip its "nest", but also "to restore order" in the head.

15. Turn to your home design.   Maybe it's time to change the color of curtains and pick up the stylish cover in tone? Make the focus of lively colors: place candles in gift boxes take away what "no place" in public. Put on the table bright picture frames, hang beautiful pictures, add stylish accessories. Let your house gives you joy!

16. Light aroma lamp.   Add a few drops of aroma oils with invigorating citrus fragrance. Inhaling the aroma, we will intensify the pleasure center in the brain that affects mood and tone. In the bath to give preference to soap or gel shower with invigorating aroma of orange, lime or lemon.

17. Think about what you now want to pamper yourself?   Listen to yourself. Do not put off something that brings joy. Remember: a good mood - the guarantee of health and beauty.

18. We need a positive?   Distract and remember a situation when you were full of strength and energy. How to behave, what to do? And what now need to do?

19. Put on your desktop the most beautiful flowers   bright pot that even while the felt magical mood.

20. Stick to the schedule.   Ideally, of course, live in the biorhythms of nature to get up early and not to delay sleep late.

21. Put on your favorite outfit, apply make-up and sexy come to the mirror.   Look how beautiful you are. And there is no such beauty go to waste in vain - let all admire you and admire! So the hands and feet forward to their targets and dizzying victories. When you radiate love and confidence - you can more!
Author: Hope Cherepenina