Sees - does not see: that men do not notice the women's appearance?
 A woman always wants to be beautiful. And it means - it is necessary to consider every detail to create the perfect in its uniqueness and charm image. But - strange thing! - For some reason he did not notice the changes in appearance, who had his eyes lit up even brighter. Why is he not paying attention? The matter of indifference, or something else? So, why is everything so and whether to be offended?

Worried? Suffer? And they - all the same!

Women are always afraid and worry because of their appearance, are exhausted, striving for perfection. But men do not see this often ...

This does not mean that all the male population not care - they just do not pay much attention. Therefore, the most important thing - to always stay well-groomed. Men can not help but notice you used the pinkish or sirenevato nail polish, but the well-groomed nails into the eyes of them quit.

So that men do not notice?

• The presence or absence Makeup . Some men and did not notice whether the woman made up, in the case of light make-up, not the war paint. At home and at the grocery store so you can safely go as is. When asked about the men blush and does respond that hardly represent what it is. A lipstick? Coral? Bordeaux? Men in emphasis not notice the game with hints.

Clarified strands or a new haircut . If you do not shaved nalyso or repainted in red color, it is likely that the "radical" change in the form of 2-3 cm of hair shorn left unattended - at least the male. Be sure - these "incredible" change your appearance notice only friend you are.

Manicure . As shown by tests, only about 10% of men notice a woman has a hand or not. About pedicure   and you can not mention.

 Sees - does not see: that men do not notice the women's appearance?

Dark circles under the eyes . This does not mean that it is necessary to exclude from his life compresses of chamomile and other healthy products - just do not worry if you suddenly did this attack came in the form of circles under the eyes.

"Orange peel" . According to statistics from the cellulite affected the vast majority of women. And terribly upset. But most men do not even notice it! According to surveys, many of them know about it by themselves complaining about women (and indicate what is it?), And others are aware of it, but prefers not to notice. So do not relax, but not complex!

Shaved legs . As it turns out, millimeter bristle on his feet as the men left without attention. And pay it only if you suddenly decide to become similar to Bigfoot. But this is unlikely, so you can breathe with relief!

 Sees - does not see: that men do not notice the women's appearance?

The coldness and indifference or feature of perception?

As it turns out, it is a feature of perception. Indeed, it is not necessary to worry, if you're for him added to his appearance some Circuits, and he - well, how can you! - I did not notice anything.

If he did not notice - a paradox but it means that all is well! He was pleased with the way your old and was pleased with the new, he did not cut the eye was not unsettled. He would have noticed if it was bad if something in your way was frustrating, do not like. Yes exactly. Often men even feel the change of the image as a whole, can not tell what exactly has changed. This feature of the male perception - they do not see the details They only see the whole picture . And yet in this picture all in harmony, they may overlook small changes.

Only one conclusion - not complex once again because of the shortcomings and do not be offended if you did not get a compliment about small changes in appearance.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya