Self-doubt, complex - it is possible to overcome it!
 Looking at myself in the mirror in our heads involuntarily swarm of thoughts: Again, these dark circles under the eyes, again correctly picked shadow ends of the hair dry and visited, extra weight is difficult to hide dark fabrics, the overall outfit is not in harmony with the hairstyle ... And if this is in fact?

Sometimes we are afraid that our appearance will look a hundred times worse than the secretary Lyudochka that colleagues whispering at every possible occasion, and the picture in the passport does not correspond to reality. Get scared just by the thought that someone will examine you from head to toe, consider your appearance and even giggling. Self-confidence and fading away. I do not want to see friends, to appear on the eyes, and even the head of her own husband. So we wake up facilities.

The problem of insecurity there for centuries, and in modern society is still gaining momentum. It would seem that living conditions are improving with each passing day, young people become more advanced and is able to achieve a lot, but the psychological statistics suggests otherwise. People who find it difficult to communicate with others, is becoming more and more. They find it difficult to make contact, make a decision and carry out their plans. That is why many become depressed and turn to the professionals.

Psychologists agree that the causes of insecurity are "born" as a child. Remember how you cried the girl, that for nothing in the world will not go in a beige dress to school, because girls laughed at. Or roared into a pillow when you are called names or bespectacled clubfoot. Such insults and humiliation in the team after some time, provoke a decrease of confidence. If a child a child growing up pessimist and low self-esteem, then be optimistic as an adult it will be much harder. In addition, these people are absolutely not configured to notice the advantages. They consider themselves to be unworthy of a better life, to communicate with the best people, admission to the best colleges and career promotion. A constantly doubting his own ability and power, it is always more difficult to rise above his head firmly on his feet.

Therefore, confidence is not laid at birth, it is formed during life. The core of the personality traits - an assessment of their own skills, abilities, inner and outer attractiveness. Therefore, you should understand a few important things that are prevalent today:

 Self-doubt, complex - it is possible to overcome it!
 - You're an adult
- You are an independent and strong (the phrase of the day: "I can" or "This is my best")
- You are beautiful (the phrase of the day: "I like myself" or "I am the most charming and attractive")
- You are able to defend themselves
- You are able to achieve (should forget the statements such as "It's beyond me" or "I can not handle this")

Remember, when you feel confident for the last time during any event and under what circumstances, what kind of mood you were then and what you were wearing.

If you are not confident in their speaking skills, before a live audience, practice at home in front of a mirror at the same time try to smile as much as possible, giving the impression of a friendly person. Brings his idea to the end, to be understood by others. Do not give others a reason to see that you are afraid of something.

If you think that the beauty of nature has deprived you, it does not mean that this is in fact, and that you will never be able to become attractive. There are a few simple rules, observing that you will be beautiful and desirable to the opposite sex :

At first First of all, is to find the inner beauty and tranquility. After all, the external component depends on the inside. Smile more often, not only passers-by, but also for himself, in his soul. And always remember that a smile is not only prolongs life but also makes the man!

Secondly Rate their health, in fact it is the key to natural beauty. Today was so easy to take care of his body, from diets to beauty treatments. The focus is also worth to remove a balanced diet, thanks to which you can not only keep yourself in good shape (do not forget about exercise), but also make your hair and skin healthy and beautiful. Do not forget about the importance of a full sleep, which depend your physical strength, mood and external component.

 Self-doubt, complex - it is possible to overcome it!
 Third Remember the good taste and the boundaries of the acceptable in the make-up and clothes. If you do not have the taste and the concept of action, even the most expensive things you can look cheap and ridiculous. It is necessary to divide the personal wardrobe in the imaginary area: clothing and accessories for recreation, walking to restaurants and cafes, office, etc. If possible, through fashion magazines, experiment with different shapes and styles. Not necessarily totally given to fashion trends and spend large sums of money, enough to follow some advice and often to update your wardrobe. At the same time remember neatness and cleanliness.

Try to work with your own thoughts with the help of meditation . After all, when you represent certain characters, filled with energy, for example, the lotus or stream, you unconsciously tune in and find positive ways to solve your problems. To master the principles and methods of meditation and everyone can. And that you will bring great benefit to mental and physical health: experience the dynamism of life, expand intuition and level of consciousness, you feel confident and remove stress, feel the inner peace and happiness.

Meditation "coasting"   It helps to find confidence in themselves and their abilities. Imagine that you are standing on top of the mountain. Consider the landscape around and begin the descent. Going down is not always easy. Underfoot - sharp rocks, the height of dizzy. Escape to the mountains is very difficult, so the way down takes a long time and in the same complex as the rise to the top. Later, you find yourself in a meadow. The grass tickles your feet, you hear the chirping of crickets and the smell of field grass. If you thought that you almost immediately jumped from the top of the plain, mean, in real life, you will also avoid meeting with difficulties and are afraid to face them.

The uncertainty, which is primarily based on fear - fear of looking stupid or unattractive, the fear that you laugh at or condemn - will gradually go away. Once you love yourself, the fear will disappear. After all, confidence - the courage to be themselves, managing their strengths and weaknesses at the same time.

Appreciate and love yourself and your personality!
Author: Alesya Marchenko