What makes us stronger, or positive aspects of women's crises
 About the nature of women's crisis is little known, because the nature of women is multifaceted and often inexplicable. But one thing is for sure - they occur at any age, sometimes even in good circumstances, and often turn into depression and stress.

For example, periods of crisis in the lives of adolescent girls can be explained by breaking stereotypes and need to make a serious choice, the first real difficulties and disappointments. But at this age stage in most cases we can rely on the support and assistance of adults, so the moments of crisis are felt less acutely.

In adult life, things are different. We often left alone with their problems, and sometimes we ourselves can not explain the mood swings and inexplicable sadness.

However, to learn to overcome these mysterious and insidious crisis, we become stronger and more confident. But first we must see the "true face" of his enemies.

So, we shall understand the order, which is why in our life unfolding crises .

Problems at work and their solutions
In the workplace, we spend most of our lives. And the most important thing is that in many cases, we spend a lot of time and energy to professional self-improvement, to be recognized, to achieve success. But there are times when even a beloved and coveted job ceases to please us, and there is a desire to quickly leave the walls of the office, which is associated with so many memories (good or not). There could be several reasons. In any case, you can find a rational way out.

Problem 1.   "I do not like the profession." This factor plays a very important role. Judge for yourself - no matter how good the team was and what was not to the high salary if the job is right for you psychologically - to avoid fatigue and irritable fail.

Exit.   If you are not trying to solve this problem, a simple dissatisfaction could turn into a crisis. Of course, it does not always have the opportunity to change jobs. But very often we can look for other prospects in the company.

To make objective informed choices, psychologists recommend the use of this technique: remember your childhood dreams about the profession and try to find options related to their qualifications. Additionally, you can choose a suitable hobby that helps mentally relax and cheer up after a day.
Plus, the feeling of success and achievement can bring real joy, even if the walls of your office pursues disheartening.

 What makes us stronger, or positive aspects of women's crises
 Problem 2.   The crisis of purpose, or "false ideals." They most often occur when moving to another city or change profession. Often, such a crisis can be attributed to unreasonable expectations, the emergence of new challenges and problems. Indeed, sometimes it seems that the new job opens up many prospects and can change lives for the better. And sometimes it is insulting to know that everything is not so smooth. Or perhaps you just chose the wrong career path?

Exit.   To set high goals, it is better not to trust the advice of friends and family, and your intuition. Here again, we can recall the children's desires and focus on them. Also, listen to the inner voice - unwillingness to continue to move forward may signal a false goal.

Issue 3.   "I do not aspire to anything better."
Excellent career, higher income and independence do not always give a sense of satisfaction. Sometimes, reaching the greatest heights, we feel an inner despair and sadness. "Now you can relax - the struggle for power over" - something like this can describe the state of the most successful business woman. But for some reason it does not please them. Perhaps the reason lies in the internal reassessment of values. Often the woman in this case, are beginning to realize that should direct the energy in the family. Because of these thoughts is exacerbated by emotional fatigue.

Exit.   The best way to avoid depression - a plan to build their future life. In this regard, there can be different points (home, work, hobbies). Aspirations and goals are always there. And, resting a little bit from the problems and hassles, it will be possible to go forward with renewed vigor.

The crises in his personal life
But the moments of crisis may be associated with family problems and troubles. In such cases, we can not change the circumstances, but can always change our attitude toward them. Therefore, I propose to consider these factors in more detail.

 What makes us stronger, or positive aspects of women's crises
 - "When you cease to belong only to themselves."   Lovely period - the birth of a child - is associated with the beginning of a new life. But sometimes it causes a depressing feeling (even when the baby is a welcome and long-awaited). The fact is that, waiting for the crumbs to the light, we get used to the care and attention. Now you have all the time to think about the other little man, to abandon the usual meetings with friends. And sometimes she wants to go back to work ...

Exit.   Do not be shy to ask for help. Your loved ones must understand that now you need their support. And do not be afraid to look harmless ways to express negative emotions (when no one is looking - you can safely hit the pillow). In addition, you can define a time frame (even a year or two it is necessary to devote to the child, and then - access to employment). But most importantly - allow yourself to relax a bit (for example, when the baby sleeps).

- "A happy marriage becomes routine ' . Indeed, over time, often disappears romance. And you begin to irritate the habits and opinions of her husband. Moreover, there are grievances due to differences of opinions and views on life.

Exit.   Save feelings will "active listening." This will understand the desires and intentions of its halves. You also need to verbalize aloud their emotions, articulate claims and to seek compromise.

- "Divorce and its consequences".   On the negative aspects of divorce written quite a lot. One of them is a sense of emptiness, in the understanding that no more for someone to cook breakfast in the morning, no one with whom to spend the weekend. But sometimes the most horrible lies not even in this. Just after the break in relations with dear man, we become afraid to fall in love again. And, to be perfectly honest, we are afraid of another disappointment and responsibility.

Exit.   After the divorce, you need to give yourself time (a year or two), to sort out their own feelings, consider the prospects for the future.
Further, you should be prepared for the fact that the new life you need to learn to change, to make concessions, and (important) to be frank.
Author: Alla Pilipenko