Who is she ... best friend?
 Do not be mistaken if I say that this issue, at least once in your life ask each of us. She is my friend or foe? To sort through - let us remember, and how it all began.

What is the best friend? One party in the school and the same exams in the institute. Together we grow, we grow up. Overcoming early adversity and sorrow. We learn about life and the first disappointment. Even first love meet together, sometimes it is even one for two, or more precisely, three! The first cigarette and cocktail Molotov, the first kiss and the sea of ​​emotions! Who did you tell about them? Of course it! Best friend. The parents in this regard to support and can not understand - plays the role of education and the difference of generations and age. And she, she was there, the same as you will understand, and where necessary smolchit.

This girlish friendship later grow into women. Yes, it happens, but not always. At such a young age all the decisions and circumstances seem to us global. And significant friendship is struck at the time when you know that she's your friend, tell your secret girlfriend of another, or simply wait for you after school.

 Who is she ... best friend?
   At school age, friendship is possible - but it is not the one the best. The most faithful friendship was born at the age of 17-20 years. Regular student friendship - often friendships for life, it is the most selfless and strong. This age is the peak just to the formation of a girl growing up and as an individual. All first time and everything is possible - you're an adult!

Most single woman in the world - this is a woman who has no close friends. It often happens that this friendship, born during this period, is retained for a lifetime. I have one friend who told me that with his girlfriend, they were held in those years, "fire and water" made some mistakes were on the verge of madness, even with deflower. But when both turned 22 the year - life spread them on different "sides of the barricades." Only after three years of separation and fleeting communication, only then they realized that they are the best for each other. Best friends. And next to them to this day, even though they are separated by a considerable distance! Yes, what can I say. Such friendship is possible to envy white envy, and wish her every one of us.

 Who is she ... best friend?
 When you have 25 or more commonly best friends no longer appear. Do you still have it not? Then carefully look for it among their friends. The ones who have been close to you from 17 and up to 25 years. Be careful! She's the one who is close to you in spirit, who understands you without words. She may condemn and put his shoulder in difficult times. It will tell you what dress better than sitting on you, and cheer when life takes away your precious and expensive. She's the best - and therein lies much and that's it!

If still you have come to the conclusion that, apparently, her best friend where are you missing something (this too often happens!), Do not despair. There is no better friend, let it be just a good friend. And common interests - a great reason to have it. Fitness or belly dancers on weekends, foreign language courses or Sunday biking in the park. What is not a reason to own? But it can turn into a friendship. Of course, such a relationship can not be called strong. And you certainly do not always find what to talk except about your common interests. But it all starts with small!

 Who is she ... best friend?
 How and where should look for the best friend, understood. But the phenomenon of female friendship can talk for hours. Many social surveys and studies say that female friendship does not happen. Because female nature, as such, are too prone to jealousy, desire the benefits alone, and it is not characterized by selflessness in all actions. And if not, then what kind of friendship is all about?

To say unequivocally that female friendship does not happen, you can not .  Of course, it is .  And, of course, it is based on common interests, respect for life and lofty dreams .  And all these and many other things have brought the two women together, gave them a commonality of views and the desire to communicate with .  Is not this enough! Yes, in any relationship there is a mutually beneficial cooperation .  But this is one of the fundamental principles of building relationships .  Unless you are ready to sit constantly with a child of your neighbor, just because she asks you about it ?! Of course not, the moment will come, and you yourself turn to her for help .  This is a mutually beneficial dialogue .  This is normal and legitimate in the modern world .  You hang out with his girlfriend, because you're comfortable with it, I wonder .  Just because she understands you without words, and always a helping hand .  It communicates with you on the same principles .  And this is a normal mutual communication .  You must agree, there are people in our lives who are not averse to engage with our closest confidential communication, but we hate their society, or simply not interested in the man himself .  And we try to avoid it because of no use and the benefits of communicating with him we get only a psychological disorder and physical disgust .  We are not interested .  And that's okay too .  We choose friends for themselves, according to their interests and social circle .  Friends, too, are different, those with whom you want to meet and talk for hours every day .  There are those who are quite visible on major holidays or just invite every couple of months to get to sit in a pub .  As the saying goes, tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are . 

The main thing in a relationship female friendship - respect the necessary balance of equilibrium. Do not overload your eternal girlfriend depression and inconsolable cry on for months on end. I can cite an example, again, I heard from a friend. Once upon a time there were two great friends. In life, both all went quite smoothly. But all have a beginning to crumble: the bride and tossed and turned out to be a failed job, and the whole life ... to put it mildly, has gone wrong. The second friend cheered as she could. Constantly involved in the life of the first, often invited her to the movies, exhibitions, even drove her to the fortune tellers, etc. Familiar with young people, encouraging words, which for the first 6 month of depression is simply not there. As a result, all led to the fact that together with the first and the second began to wither girlfriend is constantly under pressure of tears and complaints of eternal life. As a result, friends have taken time out of his friendship.

Of course the story is serious. And you can treat it differently. Condemn the one hand, they say, as a way to throw girlfriend in the most difficult period of her life. On the other hand, when finds himself in such a situation, obviously, you feel that it is delaying routine sad swamp, under the name "All around animals! And life is a failure! ". And if your lifeline does not work, throw, of course, should not be her friend, but take time out for sure have.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance in the women's fellowship, and if there is a possibility something to learn from each other, cheering, charging optimism - always remember that you are stronger together! This often talk to each other warm words and give attention as much as you get in return! No less than a gram! More please! And do not often stand your ground and wildly claim that "life is a failure! "Sometimes it is necessary to give myself entirely into the hands of friends and did not resist.

So, anyway, there is a female friendship, and subspecies of her million. The key to successful and long-term friendship, all, both male and female, is respect, mutual interest, the ability to forgive and harmonious balance of communication. It occurs, of course, in the life of such a friendship is rare, but it is not the exception but rather the rule.
Author: Valentina Pyatygo