Imitation in the beauty world, or whether it is necessary to become a victim of fashion trends
 The desire to meet the standards of fashion from a psychological point of view at all times meant a way of expression. Dressed in the fashion, the person feels confident, he manifested respect. But do not forget that in an effort to look fashionable at any price, we will, at best, lose their individuality.

Everyone knows that clothes should emphasize our advantages and hide flaws, and additional accessories can complement the image, to make it more perfect. But if buying new things is the pursuit of popular trends, these things begin to play the role of "glamorous wrapper", which only elevates us in our own eyes, and accessories are trinkets that will soon get bored. Why is that?

It's simple - our own style to be unique. Of course, aware of fashion trends is, but only to determine the choice of the style, and not in order to make their aims.

The consequences of imitation stereotypes of beauty may be more serious. So, at the beginning of the last century, became popular term "fashion victim", which essentially means excessive and imprudent maximalism in an effort to conform to the ideals. At this time, and there was a tendency of mass imitation, the echoes of which remain today.

And if earlier, this trend manifested mainly in an effort to dress according to fashion and choose the respective decorations, in our time, when fashion-industry is quite developed and provides account of the individual characteristics, the "victim" today means drastic changes in appearance. Unfortunately, such changes are often made hastily, spontaneously, what is necessary to regret later.

 Imitation in the beauty world, or whether it is necessary to become a victim of fashion trends
   For example, at the time when I started to be appreciated sophisticated slender female figure in vogue diets and slimming. As a consequence, the unwitting "victims" of such trends started to become a model for the beautiful figure which is a mandatory attribute of his career, and the other girls, who sought to conform to the ideals of beauty. The sad consequence of this trend - the emergence of the danger of the spread of anorexia - forced to revise the standards for the ideal figure. However, the desire to change appearance at any cost still remains in the outlook of some of the girls (in particular, this applies to those who seek to emulate their idols).

Another danger lies in advertising plastic surgery clinics, which, anyway, give hope to those girls who want to quickly transform and meet the standards of attractiveness. And as hope can quickly go into a desire, it is easy to forget about the hidden dangers associated with surgery in the body.

 Imitation in the beauty world, or whether it is necessary to become a victim of fashion trends
 By the way, with the improvement and the massive introduction of advertising related and other modern "victim". In order to more clearly show the influence of advertising on the perception of the world, we should consider the problem of the origin of this "disease" as shopogolizm.

Of course, you can not argue with the fact that retail therapy can be a great way to relieve stress and prevent depression. However, the nature of such a phenomenon again lies in an exaggerated quest to emulate the ideals, the desire to have everything new and better, in an attempt to self-assertion.

Well-designed campaigns make young girls believe that things are popular brands of well-known designers, complete with trendy accessories allow you to completely transformed, to keep up with the times, and so on.. Thus, the girl at the subconscious level, it appears that without such things, it lags behind the fashion. Advertising may even cause a feeling of inferiority among adolescent girls, who are easily suggestible.

Enhances the effect of advertising often by the fact that the catalog of firms emphasizes the fact that the famous stars are the goods of the company. But imitation of the stars will be discussed later (in the next article).

It is worth noting only that there is a wonderful way to counter the effects of such publicity stunts - you need to love yourself, every day telling yourself that you look great in your favorite things and with make-up that you can afford.

Adolescent girls should also explain that the main thing - a natural attraction and a unique charm. That is important to let them know that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and it makes no sense to set a goal to achieve the ideals of beauty where others like you for who you are.
Author: Alla Pilipenko