Lent and Easter - the perfect time to reflect on inner beauty
 In anticipation of a wonderful holiday of Easter fills us special joy and excitement. After all, this day - one of the most important of the year. At the same time, on the eve of Orthodox Christians tend to endure strict fasting to prepare for this special event spiritually, because post, according to church canons, provides physical and spiritual cleansing.

But even if Christian values ​​to you do not mean anything, this time - a wonderful occasion to reflect on what prevents us, girls and women to be beautiful inside and out and enjoy life.

I propose to consider typical female deficiencies With which, in my opinion, should be resisted. And in order to change life for the better, it is advisable to start doing it right now, when the pre-holiday mood allows you to gather your thoughts and look at all of life's troubles quietly.

• There is a wonderful anecdote, which, unfortunately, often refers to a fine half: "We feel rich and happy until they learn that there are a number someone richer and happier."   Indeed, if you think about, envy   - It is a terrible insidious enemy that prevents us from enjoying everything beautiful that we are given in life. How often creeps into the soul of the sad feelings when you notice that others can afford, all the same, is not it?

But I learned a long time, and I advise others to look at this problem from another angle. For me the most important thing is that there are a loving family and a good job. And though I can not afford clothes and makeup elite class, it does not upset me. After all, happiness is not the case.

• The second aspect, which seems to be not a disadvantage, but still robs us of femininity, sincere beauty - excessive pride . It arises for the opposite reason.

On the part of the pride can be described with these words: "I am the best"   (or   "I have something that others do not" ). Hence - a superficial and biased attitude towards people, unwillingness to communicate with those who, in your opinion below you.

Of course, at first we feel happy when we have the opportunity to pass by former friends (friends, colleagues) with your head held high. However, we must not forget that the luxury and other benefits may be only a temporary gift of fate. For good reason now, like many years ago, the actual old saying: "The more go up, the harder will fall."

Therefore, no matter how developed life, basic human values: friendship, love, understanding - still have to remain in first place. Otherwise, then inevitably come to grief and disappointment.

• In addition, there is one drawback, which greatly hinders us to maintain good relations with friends and friends - rancor   (and, consequently, the inability to forgive, the unwillingness to put up with relatives).

 Lent and Easter - the perfect time to reflect on inner beauty
   During the fast, you can just think about how many insults and innuendo left in your relationships with friends or relatives of people ... How can change your life if you just (at least temporarily) forget all the bad things and make a step towards reconciliation.

• But the most common is the lack of women the habit of discussing other . Watching the truth, we can admit that this activity even seems to us sometimes interesting.

Just be honest, we mostly like to discuss the negative aspects of those who envy, before anyone can elevate themselves, or those who have done us any harm. Thus, the secret discussions friends or acquaintances only exacerbates the first three negative traits.

 Lent and Easter - the perfect time to reflect on inner beauty
 Why in the pre-holiday period should try to eradicate these traits?
The answer is simple. We're concerned about the appearance of that during the festive dinner or party to look beautiful? And, as a caring hostess, put in order the apartments and houses, waiting for the guests. But it is equally important to establish order in his thoughts, and get rid of the negativity that keeps us build a good relationship with relatives. After proper preparation for the great feast of Easter spirit can change our lives.
Author: Alla Pilipenko