Problem: Beatings at the hands of a woman ...
 In the yard froze the era of feminism. Women leaked into all spheres of public life, many of which historically they have not been characterized. Politics, army control big business - just a few segments in which to successfully run by women. The weak half of humanity has long won the battle for civil rights. But this is not enough for them.

Today, a woman first meets a man she liked, first defiantly plucks from the lips of the chosen one kiss, it does offer an intimate nature. Heap of those actions which have traditionally been considered a male privilege, today successfully mastered the weaker sex, who stubbornly refuses to be weak. Demonstrating its viability, self-sufficiency has reached its limit and passes all sorts of borders. After all, the modern woman is able to hit and even beaten man ...

This phenomenon is not particularly attached to the public, but is inherent in many modern couples and families, we need only to look behind the curtain of their personal lives.

- You are now not delayed? - Check with the husband of Vita ICQ before you leave her at the end of the working day in the family car.
- I'm not going - briefly unsubscribe Vita.

But, as luck would have it, her husband should leave the network, and get behind the wheel, the occasion to stay at the girl immediately appeared. A colleague recently got promoted, and suddenly decided to celebrate this successful event with the team, part of which has been our heroine.

Vita a couple of times dialed the mobile number of her husband, but for some reason, the operator refused to connect. "Well, all right," - thought Vita. - "My husband will drive up and pick it himself. Even if he had to wait about 15 minutes, he did not lose anything with this. In the end, I deserve a little holiday! "

But it so happened that, where 15 minutes and half an hour there. It put up a friend on the occasion of champagne so pleasant to drink, and conversation under it so easy pouring. So the phone call her husband seemed to thunder:
- Wit, where are you all? Are you okay? You promised not to be late ...
- I'll be there in 10 minutes - categorically stated vypivshaya already pretty girl and disappeared for another half hour.

When the Vita was getting into the car, my husband was already boiling with rage:
- Wit, you do normally? I asked you not to detain you know? Really it was hard to prevent?
- And at a time when you asked, I do not know what will have to stay - laughing in the face supruzhnika heated by a good portion of alcohol girl.
- What, you can not call it? - Do not let the indignant husband.
- I tried. Something was communication - honestly shrugged Vita. - And in general, how much can you chastise me? In any way a century I have stayed. Not for the sake of work, but just for myself, for my own pleasure.
- I do not mind your pleasure. But I think you should warn me.
- I know that you think really - exploded with indignation and rushed at him with fists Vita. - You just important it was to spoil my fun. It happened as it happened already. You see how happy I sat in the car as I feel good. Really so it was difficult to remain silent, happy for my time well spent. No? Well, what happened to you in that hour? The world collapsed? No? Then why these senseless belated accusations?

Husband dodging punches Vita, but that only seemed to further inflame. She whipped his hands on her cheeks, fists on his back and stomach. Finally, the young man simply had to stop the car and the strength to hold the hand of his wife, as long as that did not pass hysterical.

According to psychologists.   Datsun Julia, Ivano-Frankovsk:
"Modern women to shoulder the new responsibilities, has long been considered a purely male .  But they forgot to convey to someone else its female troubles .  And now the body is paying for unnecessary burden .  And he pays the only available way - Stress .  Stress - a reaction to the impact of the environment, disturbs the equilibrium of the body .  In times of stress, such reactions are understandable, as described in article .  Women break .  And break on those who are near to close people .  And perhaps that man's arm fall, it's not the worst option .  Man is able to defend itself from such .  Worse, when the woman breaks down in such a way on the child .  The only way out of this situation - a decrease in the load .  Either women are less to shoulder the responsibility, or the men will actively help them in all fields .  In addition, the value of recreation for the person, whether male or female, is difficult to overestimate .  Rest is necessary to and from work and from home affairs .  Rest fully .  Just taking care of his body, a person can bring it into balance and get rid of stress .  Thereby, warning emotional outbursts and breakdowns " .

Century, brought into our society female careerists, a woman leader, a female boss, a female head of the family, emancipated woman, she is automatically untied not only the language, mind, and hands. If the traditional beating of their halves were exclusively men sin, but today more and more are seeing how to dismiss his hands on his partners in a woman's life.

The kid turned almost 2.5 years, and Alexander was forced to admit that her life there was not quite the way she dreamed conscious, full of plans of students. She dreamed of a strong shoulder, the time and the possibilities for their spiritual development. At the time, she was already plenty enough to a female boss, and now she wanted the role of wealthy housewives. But her husband was in no hurry to arrange for his coveted female world.

Renting a house and paying the loan for a car ate up the lion's share of the income of young families. Her husband was still looking for himself and could not be a guarantor of prosperity and financial stability of their families. In this situation, Alexander to death tired of being wise, tolerant, tired of constantly pushing career development tolerant husband, short, tired of waiting for all the things that she was certainly worthy, and one night in hysterics attacked the wife with his fists:

- You ungrateful beast! Look at me! I - a beautiful woman! Do you even know what the guys looked after me before our marriage ?! I'm a fool, chose you! And what now? You do not quite appreciate, do not listen to my wishes. Do you think that all my life I'll decide everything for you? Yes, I am ready to help you in everything. Help! Do you hear? Support! But do not do everything instead of you! At my house, our little kitchen. Do you think that enough? When you start to have to give, not just take it?

Saying all this, Sasha frantically beating her husband with his fists. And it blows were so severe that her own hands immediately covered with bruises. The saddest thing is that during this whole scene surprised throwing open their children's eyes, watched the baby ...

According to psychologists.   Shpundra Elena, Kiev:
"In my opinion, given in the article examples are more situational outbursts of anger, rather than evidence of a systematic assault on the part of women. But the problem of female violence exists, and it is much broader and deeper than we women, we would like to admit.

On the one hand, the emergence of such phenomena as female nasilnitsa or woman with his fists due to feminism. Even now there is enough of countries and cultures in which the woman is the man's property. In those countries where at least half a century already reigns gender balance, not all women manage to take it adequately.

On the other hand the issue of violence, not only female, is a consequence of one of the major social taboo - the prohibition of anger. The Company does not give a person the right to express anger, rage. A child with childhood instilled the message of "good to be kind and good and bad to be angry." But we forget that anger - one of the fundamental human emotions. Nobody disputes the need for the heart or lungs as organs. So why do we deny anger as our natural function? I think that the problem of violence, women, children or men, will become much less relevant when we allow yourself to be angry, and learn how to adequately and socially acceptable to express their anger. "

The world has turned over twice. The first coup occurred when women have won for themselves a place in politics and business. But there, at the helm, they quickly become bored. They rushed back to the home. But what was their surprise when their men did not accept this return. Fools are not present! Why would a man just a housewife, when the lion's share of cargo to ensure the family so familiar shoulder the weak half of his?

After all, they have time before the lady of the heart and bring income beak and cleanliness in the house to watch, and the baby between work, cooking and cleaning the house to bring up.

It turns out that his old position under the sun is now a woman with fists have to win. Why fight if their women and do and decide everything for them? Know - lie on your couch watching TV but sips of beer cans ... I am glad, however, that as a result of the emancipation of men practically from the kulaks, on the other hand, moved away. A female cams, anyway, yet are softer and gentle beat.
Author: Natalia Hryshko