The nature, circumstances and choice of style
 For us, modern women are often very important to look stylish and unique. After all, according to numerous psychological studies, the first opinion of the person consists of his appearance and behavior in the first minute of conversation. And so we need to make a good impression in any situation! Let us examine why the order of the small women's secrets, which help to succeed, always and everywhere.

First of all, if you have an important business meeting, the main thing - to gain confidence and inner peace. The writings of many analysts that focus on studying the psychology of women, there is one important point - to find inner confidence a woman to know that her appearance appropriate to the circumstances. Therefore, great importance is the style of clothing and, of course, additional accessories and makeup.

So about what should be remembered, opening in the morning wardrobe and choosing the type of clothes that will set the mood for the whole day? And what is to be guided by choosing makeup and jewelry? Consider the different situation in order.

The interview or business meeting   require primarily internal organization, determination and dedication. Therefore, for such cases established business suits. Strict cut and monochromatic colors of the uniforms contribute to the formation of the necessary qualities. There is a perception that business clothes female character changes. So, if a woman gets used to a business jacket, begins to feel comfortable in it, it is easier to demonstrate communication skills, business acumen, find the right words in a conversation, facial expressions and gestures to control and avoid mistakes. Of course, what matters is not only the dress, but also negotiation skills. But in any case, in such clothes can feel more confident in a difficult situation, to concentrate on the essentials.

 The nature, circumstances and choice of style

And if it comes, for example, employment in the women's magazine, or other organization where it is important to emphasize the best features of the women, would be more appropriate to choose a business jacket complete with a medium length skirt.

 The nature, circumstances and choice of style

It is worth adding that in preparation for such meetings can not be abused with additional accessories and jewelry, use bright colors cosmetics. Jewellery should be in harmony with the clothes, gently complement the image, but not distracting. And the best make-up for the occasion - a modest, natural.

A friendly meeting   - This is a great opportunity to relax, remember the good moments to share experiences. And often so eager to make a good impression, and somehow stand out with your friends, right? So we consider more wardrobe - what clothes easier to all day (or night) to stay active, cheerful, sociable.

 The nature, circumstances and choice of style

It helps to wear bright colors, favorite pictures and designs. In addition to these extraordinary perfect accessory which not only helps to stand out among others, but the cause of good memories and set up in a positive way. What will help you remember the best moments of life? This can be a bracelet made of shells, bought as a souvenir during a trip to the sea, or a gift from a loved one necklace of the original stones. As for make-up - in preparation for a meeting with close friends, you can afford a little experiment. I mean, that is the most appropriate to try out a new color ink, lipstick or cream with a shimmering shine, to check what effect produce these innovations.

Attire and accessories romantic evening   or for a special occasion as an opportunity to win the heart of liked the man may have many modifications. But most importantly - they have to emphasize the dignity of women, to be matched with style and, of course, combined with the style of behavior of owner.

In the wardrobe of modern ladies usually have a tight and evening dresses, and matching skirt and blouse with a spectacular neck and delicate coloring. Therefore, choose clothes to spend to impress a boyfriend, it depends on my mood and circumstances.

But it is worth noting that every woman look feminine and attractive in a dress or skirt. It's no wonder skirt attracted the attention of men at all times. Therefore, trousers and jeans is better to postpone for other cases. Makeup should also be gently and subtly emphasize your best features - gentle look, open smile, the natural beauty of the skin.

 The nature, circumstances and choice of style

But in any case, the selected items must like you to configure the desired fashion. If the contents of the wardrobe is no longer adjusts to a positive, and there is an overwhelming desire to buy new clothes, which are able to change your image, there is focus on how the new style can transform the character.
Author: Alla Pilipenko