Why do not you feel happy?
 If you often feel out of sorts, something is not constantly performed by you, plans and plans are even winning is not happy ... - continue reading this material was written to help you.

The Wheel of Life
We offer you a technique that psychologists call the "wheel of life", and it helps to assess whether you are satisfied with all aspects of their lives. The basic idea of ​​the wheel of life to show that we need to develop all aspects of our life equally. That is, full of happiness absolutely insufficient given the entire work (albeit favorite) or the relationship with her husband. When we focus on something more, it is certainly lead to more success in this area, but it has another side. We thus take away time from other areas of our lives, and often do we neglect them. The Wheel of Life helps to look at the situation more objectively.

Why is harmful imbalance
When we focus our attention, for example, only to career and family, it somehow does not lead to a feeling of complete happiness. Accumulating frustration and a feeling of emptiness. Each of us has many examples around. We often see people who work 20 hours a day and it seemed passionate about their work, but we absolutely do not seem happy. Why is that?

The same we find among her friends, who go head first into motherhood. As a result, they are from a desired life for most women complain of frustration and lack of fullness of life.

It turns out that the whole thing is that to feel completely happy person needs to develop all aspects of their lives. And that is the key to happiness. Because the truth is that we feel happy, not when achieve something in any one area, but in all areas where we all relaxed and good.

Feel the happiness possible, feeling it as a whole, rather than something concrete. A feeling of unhappiness - is the realization that something you are missing. And even sometimes hard to tell what it was. And it will help to find the most "wheel of life" to which we have come.

We draw your Wheel of Life
There are several different models of this device, but I will introduce you to the one that helped me and that I liked. She was a psychologist, a personal development coach Celestine Chua.

The best thing would be if you this picture (below) will print out and keep in front of him on his desk. Or draw the wheel themselves, for themselves.

 Why do not you feel happy?

Look at this chart. It reflects all the aspects of your life. Within each sector, you see a line that will draw you a wheel of his life. Rate each sector (every area of ​​your life) on a 10-point scale. 10 - completely satisfied, 0 - is not satisfied. Place the point within each sector or cross, indicating your level of satisfaction in the area. Remember, there is no right or wrong answers. Be honest - you're doing it for yourself.

How balanced and harmonious your life?
Now combine the resulting point (or crosses). This is the answer to the question of how balanced your life at the moment. Ideally, the wheel of life should be the wheel that is large and round. To this we must strive for. What happened to you? Whether your tire easily roll through life? And what prevents him to do it?

If your figure and get at least proportional to the range, but small, it indicates a general dissatisfaction with life, and the lack of goals and desires. You almost do not know now, what you want out of life. An urgent need to begin to dream again, to give yourself a new impulse to the life and inspiration.

Small form with one or more of the peaks indicate that you are fixated on a few areas, to the detriment of the rest of the aspects of his life. Be sure to ask yourself, what prevents you to refer to those aspects of life that you are not satisfied. Maybe low self-esteem or lack of courage in life led to what is now you have this situation.

Almost any irregular shapes mean that in life you have an imbalance that hinders and feel happy.

Exercise with the wheel of life allows to estimate what your life is now and what it lacks. This is not a sentence, and not the final verdict. This is a useful respite before a new, happier, and therefore more harmonious life. Now you can see that it is impossible to obtain harmony and happiness, surrendering to one thing. Do not forget about such important little things in your life as a holiday, laughter, fun, meeting with friends and girlfriends, most of these areas are underestimated us, and we are due to them trying to solve their daily problems. And it turns out, forgetting about something, we run the risk to remain unsatisfied and unhappy life.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin