Women's psychology and effects of color
 The fact that certain colors affect the human psyche has been known since ancient times. So, even for many centuries before our era it was known that some colors are able to develop courage, others - soothe and soften the character, and others - improve the body. This knowledge formed the basis of today's popular alternative medicine techniques - color therapy.

Color Therapy   It can now be represented in various forms. For example, making changes to the interior, we subconsciously try to focus on the colors that we can "warm up" to soothe or invigorate, revitalize.

Of particular importance is the impact of the color palette for us women, because we are more impressionable and often are exposed to stressful situations. We need to know about the features of the effect of different colors to create the optimal environment in the apartment, to be successful and no problems to overcome various difficulties of life.

Choosing the right colors in the selection of clothing, accessories or home decoration allows us to not only look beautiful, but also feel relaxed, confident, balanced. Some colors can enhance the body's resistance to stress and disease.

 Women's psychology and effects of color
   Let us examine more primary colors of the rainbow, as they are the basis for all the other colors that surround us.

Red   color, according to ancient philosophy, associated with vitality. Therefore red items used for the treatment of joints and paralysis.

All warm shades of red. The red tones in "moderation" to help relieve fatigue, depression, cheer up, decide on the important step.

But an overabundance of red in the surrounding objects can cause irritability and aggression. And if you have symptoms of a serious disease can even cause complications.

Availability orange   color in the surrounding objects also affects us warming and allows you to restore power (especially after stress), because this color since ancient times associated with the sun and fertility. Now we subconsciously compare orange environment with enthusiasm and freedom.

Using the experience of their ancestors, with the help of an orange today, eliminate depression and treat nervous breakdowns, balance the hormonal condition and good health returns.

 Women's psychology and effects of color
 But bright yellow   color contributes to the development of thinking, enabling better and faster to absorb information. Like the orange, it helps to get out of the doldrums, to return confidence and joy.

It is important to know that it also helps to cleanse the body.

 Women's psychology and effects of color
 Since green   color occupies an intermediate space between the hot and cold shades of the rainbow, he is a symbol of harmony and balance. Green items can be a good helper when you need to get rid of negative emotions, gain confidence and restore stability. Curative effect of this color is that it tones, stabilizes blood pressure and calms the nerves.

Bring peace and contentment will help calm blue   Colour. Because it gives poise and tempting to think. The desire to add to the interior of blue tones may be due to a subconscious desire to change something in my life.

But to cope with the emotional turmoil and leave behind bad memories help blue   Colour. It is considered beneficial to physical and mental health due to the cleaning action.

 Women's psychology and effects of color
 Purple   color is considered a very strong, powerful and at the same time soft. Therefore, it is recommended to use an emotionally unstable people. By the way, it supports the immune system in the case of a nervous breakdown, helps with fatigue and allows you to open new opportunities.

However, as in the case of red, they can not be abused. Oversupply purple items difficult to read, and bad for small children.

It is interesting to know
- Positive impact of natural colors, we feel for yourself when vacationing in the woods or near a pond. In this case, we are talking about a complex therapy - fresh air, water and natural colors help us to strengthen the immune system and calm the nerves.

 Women's psychology and effects of color
 - Another interesting example - many people know what to choose perfume or refreshing aerosols are lighter in color, since different types of flavors are also consistent with certain shades. And it often happens that the favorite fragrance is presented in a bottle or liquid favorite color. In this case, we can talk about the combined effect of color-and aromatherapy.

- The white color is formed by mixing all the colors of the spectrum and has long been associated with purity, joy and virtues. Black, on the contrary, is the absence of color components, and among different peoples, he was associated with death and gloomy thoughts. But at the same time now, many of us subconsciously associate it with something global, eternal, powerful and perfect.
Author: Alla Pilipenko