Bracelet TRYMAX: I, too, decided to try it!
 When my dance instructor came into the classroom with this bracelet, it's me, of course, immediately interested. And I wanted to try this thing on myself. What's the magic behind this famous holographic effect?

I love playing tennis, her husband playing well, I'm not, just look. And what was my surprise when I saw the holographic bracelets on his tennis idol! The entire two-week tournament, "Roland Garros" I watched their pets, their victories and the beautiful game, appreciating the effect of holographic bracelets on them as well as me. Because I decided two weeks and wear a bracelet TRYMAX write to you about their experiences.

Of course, a little sad that Victoria Azarenka has not passed to the final, but it results in the tournament impressed.

 Bracelet TRYMAX: I, too, decided to try it!

But Rafa Nadal won the trophy every time inspiring and delighting his peerless game.

 Bracelet TRYMAX: I, too, decided to try it!

Yes, these are my favorites. And they are, as you have noticed, the entire tournament played with holographic bracelets. I do not know what brand they have, but I was able to test the bracelet TRYMAX.

First, a bit of science. TRYMAX   - An advanced holographic technology designed to maximize results in sports and everyday life. Within each hologram TRYMAX contain certain frequencies that have a beneficial effect on the human body and contribute to a more rapid communication between cells. Because of this, many people feel the improvement in physical abilities.

First of all, I liked the bracelet virtually weightless, it did not feel in the hand, it is well fixed and not loose, and it's very convenient. Because I wear a bracelet assumed to be constant; and during sleep, during the day and dance sessions, and even in the shower. Secondly, he just looks at the aesthetically pleasing hand, modern design, the color, you can choose from a rich palette, so even for a responsible party meeting or bracelet can be worn. Well, and, thirdly, some progress I have with this bracelet happened, and I hasten to share them.

No, I still play tennis not. But dance sessions much better managed. Especially in the warm-up, where we do classical dance position at the bench and stretched as much as possible, it became easier to keep the posture, and in the mirror I saw a more harmonious posture than ever before. Somehow it was easier to keep the balance, or something.

One of my perennial problems simply disappeared. What? I with great difficulty get up in the morning. No matter what time it is - whether it's 10 or 6 in the morning hard. And in the last two weeks, I was raised without any effort when I have not experienced with the sadness and gravity, as it was before. Maybe it was the arrival of summer cheer me so? Maybe. I still watch, but it seems to me, and helped the band significantly. In general, even if it would be if only the one result from the action of technology TRYMAX, then this is for me already a great achievement. Who has similar problems - he will understand me.

I generally liked the feeling these days. Some constant alertness, ease on the rise. I want to go somewhere, to learn something new. Even record Sunday yoga. I'll try. So much time has appeared, because in the morning I get up much earlier. A dream strong, strict 8-hour, and the more I do not need.

By the way, dance instructor noticed my progress in flexibility and balance, and my new accessory. Even I say that I have become more professional move. It's great!

I liked that particular problems bracelet TRYMAX creates. I mean that it should not be removed when you sleep or when you need to take a quick shower after a workout. The hologram of the water is not affected. Few can change the silicone material from which made the bracelet. But not to water, and from the harsh environment - by chlorine or soap. But then, after a very long-term use, as I understand it.

In general, the guarantee on the hologram TRYMAX last year, and the use of the bracelet can continue throughout life, without restrictions! Although I'd probably buy myself another. But not because he lost his action. No. Just I plan to go to Egypt this summer and want something bright, athletic. Red monokini and stylish glasses I already have, I'll probably still red bracelet TRYMAX. He will help me to be cheerful, to get up early to move beautifully. Yes, and I still plan to try surfing, if possible. A balance and flexibility in this matter is very needed!

 Bracelet TRYMAX: I, too, decided to try it!

Author: Vasilisa Cousin