My personal experiment and amazing results
 Of course, for most women coming of spring - it is, above all, a reason to finally wear light dresses and skirts. And, of course, the perfection of our legs - an indispensable condition of these outfits. A lot of funds intended to help the smoothness of the skin of the feet, and all that is in our arsenal is to look stunning.

A small digression: I must confess, conservative by nature - the smoothness of her feet, I support using the epilator or the machine to shave. It's simple, familiar, and the result is more than satisfied me. But always tormented me curiosity was one infomercial, in which at gladkovybritoy, that is, a smooth leg heroine elegantly slipped a silk handkerchief. Shawl I was interested in the least, but the tools that can help achieve this (that there was advertising-not remember, unfortunately) - over.

And so I was prepared and mentally, and physically, considering two packages with the means of hair removal - Veet hair removal cream with aroma of the Velvet Rose and essential oils, and wax strips Veet from the same series, with "new technology capture hairs" .

It is interesting to me in the extreme and a little scary - stand the sight of faces full of suffering and grimacing in pain, is also seen somewhere on the TV when the wax is removed by a sharp movement of the hand ...

But curiosity overcomes fear, and I do not even think of how to use the first tool I - I want to just two. And to think there is nothing - two means - two legs, everything will be fair.

So Foot №1 , She left, and wax strips Veet with Velvet Rose fragrance and essential oils .

 My personal experiment and amazing results

It's simple - We reach the strip, three between the palms to warm wax, glue on the instructions straighten the skin, and ... here I was a little scary - a bold hand gesture and light - shoot!

It hurts and I was not, I was funny and sticky. Sticky was because the strips can be used several times, and I, in order to save and experiment, sharpens as she could. By the way, stickiness really easily eliminated carefully applied to the strip moisturizing wipes (And they smell good). Hairs are removed well, and did not even require special skill and experience - my first time everything went "smoothly." However, the skin becomes redness due to the sharp disposal of vegetation that pretty quickly.

Verdict: fast and fun. Effectiveness. My left leg for a long time (18 days) is not reminded that it is time to re-heat the wax - and I liked it!

Leg №2 She is right, I experienced the action Veet hair removal cream with aroma of the Velvet Rose and Essential Oils .

 My personal experiment and amazing results

In this case, everything was very simple: you just need to apply the cream evenly distribute the enclosed spatula and just sit back, glancing at his watch. After 3 (maximum - 6-10, and more - no, no!) Minutes cream can remove the same spatula.

There is a "but" - the cream should be tested on a small area of ​​skin before applying, check the reaction of a day, in order to avoid allergic reactions. In general, the smeared foot and put the timer for 3 minutes, I took foot №1.

Foot №2 was good, though no less terrible feelings of uncertainty. After 3 minutes I was at the ready with a spatula, removed the cream, and found absolutely smooth leg.

I'm somewhere, or read, or heard that hair removal creams for dry skin - in my case, that, fortunately, did not happen, because the foot is turned №2 moisturized so that I did not have to apply body lotion. What I usually do after epilation. And, as any allergic reactions as well not have happened, and my second leg pleased me with their smoothness and tenderness of the skin ... 4 days.

Verdict:   simple, fast, good. I also was pleased with the result, although the wax strip I liked more to be honest.
Author: Sincerely yours, Marina K.