My summer silhouette
 I am generally a skeptic, and in all sorts of cosmetic wonders that promise to rid of cellulite, excess weight; give luxurious, thick eyelashes instead of short and rare; make the hair cast and sparkle with diamonds completely without any effort - I never believed. Beauty - is not only a gift of nature, but also work on the other - a heavy, high-paying job, sometimes transferred into the hands of plastic surgeons and beauticians.

Of course, we always want to look great, but when the holiday is looming on the horizon - especially. After hibernation and rewarming with warm, delicious food, summer clothes can give everything what we were waiting for the spring, summer, holidays and distant countries. Of course, I, like all dream of a magic wand to - hop! - Swimsuit and sat perfectly, and midsection did not need to cover a couple or a glossy magazine (love story / research work / historical detective).

Wand I get so far failed, and a tube with an interesting tool that promises to decrease the volume and get rid of cellulite - yes, I have today - modeling gel-cream for the body, "My Silhouette! "From NIVEA .

In the gel consists of white tea and anise extract, which together create a complex Bio-Slim, promises a reduction in the amount of up to 3 centimeters in those places where the gel was applied.

 My summer silhouette

Slyly smiling, open the lid and discover on his palm transparent greenish, slightly smelling fresh and sea (and strange - as part of algae there, maybe it's my dreams about vacations being felt), the gel mass. Put on the stomach and hips, leave to soak in, get dressed and almost forget about the vehicle until the evening, as it decided to use 2 times a day.

Almost - because it means a little stick to the clothes in a hurry and do not give it to penetrate as it should. Gel, I must say, it is absorbed quickly enough, but only if it first dose and do not rush, followed by a rapid dressed in clothing.

In the evening a pleasant silky note their circles, and repeat the procedure. I do everything thoroughly, and do not cling.

Exercise those I repeated as much as the gel appeared in 200 milliliter tube.

 My summer silhouette

On the packaging it is written that the first results are visible after 4 weeks of regular use of the gel. I was faster - rather than centimeters, as he turgor (skin tone and appearance) of the skin markedly improved, pulled belly and hips. I must say that at a time when I used a gel, I changed a few diet and increased physical activity in the form of hiking. So, obviously, in a complex with a cream-gel, as well as a daily massage of problem areas, which is expected when applying the cream, the results amazed me.

So, I can say that the work over itself was a pleasant and helpful and done "excellent" and my skepticism diminished - will continue, perhaps some trust funds. Those who have tested personally!
Author: Sincerely yours, Marina K.