Serum that polishes hair ...
 The world turned upside down. Familiar to us the concept of: laminating, polishing, silicone now popularly used for ... What would you think? Hair Care! Ladies use a special laminate, but not to protect the surface of the paper, and to protect and shine every hairs of his hair. Silicone masks, sprays and drops delivered approximately the same service. Today, the race for the achievement of the effect of the luxury of healthy well-groomed hair and turns on a special polishing serum.

The secret of polishing serum to the hair in the content of biologically active substances, fruit acids, amino acids and lipids. It would seem that all these components are already fed up with our ears, because day after day we hear about them from commercials. But manufacturers polishing serum for hair promise that all components of the strength to penetrate deep into the trunk of each hair. Due to this, the efficiency of hair treatments using such a drug several times higher than that from the use of professional balms and masks. After all, the power of the latest "work" only cosmetic masking-corrector for the surface of the hair. While working on a polishing serum cellular and molecular level.

A rare woman today, watching the glow hair model in TV commercials, pleased with the state of their hair. We all want more sparkle and life to your hair. Actually, we have painted, repainted haggard hair that even with natural color toning in a couple of weeks resemble plump bast Soviet model.

If such a comparison otzerkalivaet condition of your hair, polishing serum - exactly what is needed for their recovery. The drug is intended for the treatment of brittle and dried hair, emaciated perm, bleaching, frequent termoukladkoy hairdryer, ironing, curling, etc. Polishing Hair Serum - a real lifesaver for owners of hair with split ends.

The main advantage of the drug to the same procedure lamination and Others Interior programs - loyal to price and ease of use that makes it possible to use serum in the home. Apply preparation on clean dry or moist, lightly towel-dried hair. If desired, the serum can be applied several times a day. Rinse hair with it should not be!   The drug is rapidly absorbed and envelops a hair shaft.
The secret of the master.   Mix polishing serum for hair with golden eyeshadow. Apply the composition to wet hair, dry and place. The effect is stunning!

So, we decided! Polished serum in the lives of our hair to be! Which do you choose? In the market of a number of manufacturers is to have a similar product.

 Serum that polishes hair ...
   Thus, the Belarusian cosmetics company Belita joint venture offers us an indelible serum for split ends of hair per pack 140g volume at around 90 p. The preparation includes water, ethanol, quaternium-87, hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride guar tsetiltrimetiltrimonium chloride, D-panthenol, elastin, arnica extract and calamus root, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, tridetses-9, EDTA, citric acid, perfume composition, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, methylparaben. Such an ensemble applied to the hair and prevents splitting and restores split ends. As a result, the hair structure is aligned, their strength is increased, there is a healthy shine.

The forums on the mentioned Belarusian polishing serum to the hair for the most part quite friendly ratings

I like it. Hair is very Gorny and pleasant, all advise.

I love!!!! I use the past 2 years, I've dyed blond, perfect, besides more levels and is now well-groomed hair and brilliant !!!!

I bought immediately tried to put on dry hair. Apply a good posechennye tips are much less noticeable, but the smell of money - not much, and hands should be washed well after that.

Whey is great !!! Hair looks really lively and brilliant.

The first impression is good, even like shine appeared. Hair does not stick together and do not get dirty - it is not enough. The smell of light, pleasant. But it is not very convenient to apply. Why have not provided the spray?

Does not weigh down the hair tips look more manicured, although still a little pushatsya. Maybe in a week or two of application will be finally less fluffy.

But there is more reserved about the changes using the drug:

I have this serum somehow it did not work out. Several times caused - effect a zero. Apply uncomfortable, but the smell is very annoying. Spray a lot better.

I bought this serum .... Maju third week, but the result is no ((((((((Sorry


 Serum that polishes hair ...
 An alternative to the Belarusian polishing serum is an American drug 30 ml. However, its price is expressively informs the buyer that he came on the shelf of our trading terms from afar. 2250 p. - Is the value of this serum in online stores. But the packaging of the drug provides a desired spray gun that will definitely make its application to the hair much more comfortable.

Leave everything as it is, to recall his grandmother's recipes for hair care or make use of revolutionary new treatments and cosmetics - of course, it's purely personal. But remember that spring is not even at the door, but simply was breaking into our lives. And with it the joy of the men was about to lower landings of the fashion trousers welling up for everyone to see the edge of the sexy ladies' thong, not warm tights. But that break out from under your hood (scarf, bonnet, cap)? Flowing silk mane healthy hair or boring senopodobnaya tow?

 Serum that polishes hair ...

Author: Natalia Hryshko