Spring chores, or how to prepare your hair to spring
 I love spring. I like it even just a calendar beginning. On March can still be snow on the knee, and the temperature to be in a deep red. But you already know exactly - is about to begin: the days become longer, skirts - in short, the sun will smile more often, and with it will smile and people on the streets. And power is added, and the mood is improving, and I want accomplishes great things. Well, those ezhevesennie great things that stand in terms of every woman: to lose weight, buy clothes on themselves thinner, generally "clean feathers" freshen up.

And if you look to the figure of help fitness and the abandonment of traditional tea-drinking girls from accounting, then the rest is much more complicated. I, for example, after winter always suffer hair. Wearing hats, central heating, a vitamin deficiency, regular cold - all this no one adds strength. Also, I read that under stress (just try to say that winter - do not stress), our intelligent system reallocates resources. All the forces rush to the support of vital organs, which apparently did not include hair and nails. As a result, the hair roots are deprived of the usual food, which leads to a deterioration of their condition and how whatever it is unfortunate to fall out.

In this regard, my body worked as a textbook - the closer were warm days, the worse it looked like the hair and the more of them remained in the bathtub drain after washing. Since the subscription for sport has already been acquired and all the drying-cakes sent to the long link, the time has come to take up the head. Moreover, in all senses. By the way, I already had experience in dealing with seasonal hair loss. In the past year. But then somehow it did not work out - I sporadically tried different ways, without bringing any of them until the end.

 Spring chores, or how to prepare your hair to spring
 So this time I decided to be consistent from the very beginning to build a clear plan of action. For this purpose it was decided to consult a specialist in the field of health - pharmacist. I went to the store.

Pretty girl behind the counter listened carefully to my complaints about the condition of the hair .  And advised to pay attention to funds Alerana .  The line has been specially designed to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth as she said, .  But I was particularly interested by the fact that a series of hair care both inside and outside .  To help the body Alerana offers a vitamin-mineral complex tablets .  In the development of the drug into account the circadian rhythms of hair growth and compatibility between the components of a .  Therefore, they are divided into 2 tablets: Formula Day and Night Formula, which should be taken, respectively, in the morning and evening .  In addition, for successful rehabilitation course is designed intensive balm Spray .  It is absolutely necessary in order to stop hair loss available to increase their density and quality .  I stopped at these two means, thinking that if I am satisfied with the results, then go back to the pharmacy to explore the rest of the range brand .

In general, pre-treatment has been completed, it is time for decisive action. With vitamins everything was clear - just had to remember to drink twice a day, morning and evening. But to the balm it required a special approach. The manual I read that it should be applied daily, rubbing into the scalp. And leave without washing. That made me a bit confused. Still remedies often have a sharp characteristic odor, and yet it must remain on the hair all day. However, my fears were not realized - a balm for application smelled very gently, and soon the faint scent vanished.

 Spring chores, or how to prepare your hair to spring
 In principle, I am a very impatient. I even do not have scales at home - or sitting on a diet, I have weighed them before and after each meal. Knowing such a feature, I had already promised myself that I would not wait for the result before a month. Eventually, the body also needs time to recover. The first few days had to get used to the new cosmetic ritual, but then I was involved, and it became part of the normal morning toilet.

A month passed quickly. And somehow, in the gym, trying as usual to collect hair in a ponytail before going in, I was surprised noticed that they began to feel very pleasant, smooth, flowing some. The shower drain and comb them, too, to do. Following this discovery, the rest of the day I spent in a wonderful mood. Even the power to add - scrolled extra 20 minutes on a stationary bike.

 Spring chores, or how to prepare your hair to spring
 On the way home from classes I ran to the pharmacy. House just finished shampoo. And after today enjoy an open question what brand prefer not even standing. To shampoo Alerana I took another rinse and a mask - the pharmacist said, that they consolidate the results of the intensive balm, spray, and serve as a good loss prevention.

In the evening, in the clear spring evening, I was walking down the street. The mood was at a height, muscle ache after a nice fitness bag tapping promising new cosmetic jar ... I felt a little bit more and I will be completely ready to face the summer in all its glory.

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