To learn how to skin problems for all ages
 More recently, I did not think to look in the direction of resources for problem (read - the young, for the most part) of the skin, and, moreover, means positioning yourself from this side. Skin problems I have not had any adolescence or later in life.

But after pregnancy and childbirth, after a certain period of time when the hormones have not yet managed to find the right balance to them, and the environment does not become less aggressive, I saw them. They came uninvited, and the appearance I was very disappointed - cheeks, forehead, chin covered with reddish seals, speaking of the inflammatory process and, subsequently, by the already acne. And it follows from them that upset me even more. I tried all sorts of scrubs and lotions, and the old methods used in the home; and even began saving money to visit the beauty parlor - cleaning, polishing - it was in my plans. Moreover, the approaching spring, and to meet with her face covered with thick creams to mask or with a view of a hapless young boy I did not like.

With sadness I viewed the photos on which the complexion I had - healthy skin - smooth, without bumps, redness; and his eyes - no print uncertainty. Already came the moment when I almost decided not to go out unless absolutely necessary, but fate turned me favorably.

And here I am, already without irony, holding a tube of funds Clearasil ULTRA «Perfect cleaning 2 in 1» . Reading the summary, I have little doubt - salicylic acid and glycerin? We know, we know already taught - dry skin, and, in addition to acne, there will be more flaking and irritation.

 To learn how to skin problems for all ages

But I have nowhere to escape - nothing ventured, as is known, then the whole spring sitting of the house. I squeeze a little money on hand, and I put or render it to the person who is wondering whether to use it as a daily care for 10 seconds, or leave as a mask for a moment?

Means soft, gentle, pasty; pearly shades, a little patchy, but pleasantly velvety texture. Contrary to my fears, my face is not burned, not sushilo and not contracted.

Using it as a mask in the evening, in the morning, I washed the means, then causing their usual day cream - and again did not experience discomfort.

I confess that in the mirror, I began to look much more often - all waiting for a magical effect. After 5 days all planned pimples preferred to withdraw; and red - became less. The pores are narrowed - it is also true, and quite palpable.

After 14 days - new unpleasant moments are not added, and it seems to me, the very skin became smoother - at least I do not feel the need to apply a thick layer on the problem areas equalizer, limiting the basis for makeup and powder.

Therefore, I can say - it works! Spring I am ready to meet with open arms and an open face, but she was late spring on the way. Where to take the same magic cure for all the problems?
Author: Sincerely yours, Marina K.