When the skin is starving
 Like many actively working girl, I give skin care products do not have much time. Recently, all had to be painted on the run. Then I thought about that need anti-stress program. You can eat ten times "on the principle of Thumbelina," and on the eleventh rebel body so that will not find it. If not "feed" the skin, expect the same consequences, I thought. Immediately materialized and means - using official position, I got to test a refreshing mask Masque Réveil Eclat by PAYOT. Mask refers to the Les Revitalisantes, which energizes tired skin.

After the winter cold skin does not have enough nutrients and a moisture - not an option, but rather a masking issues and "signals". Facial skin literally asking vitamins, is desirable not only outdoor use, but also internally. This tool PAYOT   It belongs to the category of anti-stress and relieves skin irritation. Internet and the attached "programm" I promised revival of tired skin, brightness, light and beautiful complexion. I tested the mask for two weeks, following the manufacturer's recommendations very simple.

1. Open the tube.   The smell of a nice mask: It consists of a mix of cocoa, orange, mint and spices. Also, there are ginseng, sesame and shea butter.

2. Apply a thick layer mask.   The texture of her very gentle on the skin, it becomes transparent. It looks very natural, that is a definite plus if you live with a man: he did not guess that you mask. This is not the classic sung in the comedy "fantomasopodobnaya" greens with cucumber slices completes the picture on the eyes. With the abundant application seems mere moisturizer.

3. Leave for 5-10 minutes.   If the mask is delayed, nothing terrible will happen, just the formula is created in such a way that even the bustling women had a chance to get a quick effect. I leave it on for half an hour, and once discovered, that's how a couple of hours ago, it was washed away. Night experiments did not hold, perhaps for the night means have time to absorb.

I'm very grateful to all kinds of cosmetics skin, but also very delicate and sensitive. After applying the mask, I felt a slight warmth and tingling in the skin, as if it was heated by the action of vitamin complex. Since the tool also removes dead skin cells and smoothes the skin, there was a feeling of deep penetration of nutrients.

4. Remove the excess tissue.   I can say that the napkin and tonic not always at hand. Tool and then did not disappoint: it is easily washed off with water.

5. Can be used as a part of everyday care.   It was easier to do it in the morning light on the skin throughout the day. Earlier this effect failed to achieve consistent application after 3 funds: cleanser, day cream and cream with the effect of pearly radiance. Because of this thorough approach sometimes I forget about his "magic" arsenal, and it gather dust on the shelf in the bathroom.

Have mask gave me a sense of calm: the skin will not remain without reducing intensive care. Apply Masque Réveil Eclat   You can at any time, so do not get justified, there is no time to "five-minute beauty."

 When the skin is starving

Author: Maria Stepanik