Intellectual fashion as the new trend
 Fashion history - interesting historical process that is directly connected with the traditions and customs of different peoples and their understanding of the beautiful, outlook on life.

In our time, it turned out that the main trend in the fashion industry as the world capital of fashion and of course, popular designers, whose brands covered in the pages of glossy magazines.

But our rapid XXI century - a time of constant new discoveries, change and innovation in all areas. Now it so happened that the inhabitants of big cities and developed large cities wishing to escape from the monotony of life, from everyday life. At the same time every day we strive to some experimentation, change, eccentricity (especially today's youth).

All this set the conditions for the emergence and development of a completely new trend in the fashion-industry, entitled "Intelligent mode" ( Smart Couture ). The founder of the trends is considered the most famous Ukrainian designer Andre Tan Which is engaged in design art school years and to create new clothes contemplating not only the beauty, comfort and practicality, but also seeks to luxury and originality in their collections.

 Intellectual fashion as the new trend

For the first time the innovative clothes in the style of Smart Couture by Andre Tan was presented at a fashion show «Fall-Winter 2006-2007». However, as the designer himself admits, the origins of the idea originated long before its incarnation in his new collection, in the decisions and work of renowned European and Japanese designers.

Smart Couture - is kind of going beyond traditional ideas of fashion clothing is a luxury business, which is the most appropriate in the vast metropolis, it is a style that emphasizes originality.

A characteristic feature of this style is its versatility - such clothing is appropriate and in the office, and at a business meeting, and the party, and on a romantic date. In addition, intellectual luxury (so characterized the creator of its new trend) within the meaning of Andre Tan and other fashion designers who adopt these trends and work in this direction is to emphasize the external dignity and provide comfort.

 Intellectual fashion as the new trend

Intelligent style encourages the use of black-and-white classics, especially when it comes to office form. But this classic in the works of Tana has a gentle, elegant and romantic design.

In addition, this new style involves experiments with details and colors, lightness and freedom, which is at the same time looks luxurious.

 Intellectual fashion as the new trend

Due to its versatility intellectual luxury prized today and outside Ukraine, clothes from Andre Tan is implemented in many countries.

 Intellectual fashion as the new trend

But we must not forget that fashion - it is also an art that, like any scope for creativity, is in continuous dynamic development. In addition, in the colorful world of fashion is now taken into account all the details and wishes of the people.

 Intellectual fashion as the new trend

One of the main trends, which sets the background for the emergence and implementation of design ideas - a harmonious blend of clothes and accessories .  Keeping pace with the times, Andre Tan at the Ukrainian Fashion Week in 2010 showed a new collection of clothes, which is the most optimal way combined with the original mobile phone Samsung La'Fleur .  It was a joint project of phone manufacturers and famous designer .  The idea behind this innovation is that the fashionable phones as brand Andre Tan, emphasize the elegance, style and taste of their owners .  Moreover, from a practical point of view, they are quite comfortable and, of course, unique (and popular designer clothes), which is very appreciated by the residents of the metropolis .  Many of the ladies were able to make sure that trendy outfits and exquisite phone (especially bundled with other stylish accessories that fit the color and other characteristics) are able to make them beautiful and unique queens big city . 

Considering all these aspects, we can say with certainty that the intellectual style - a style of the future, which sets new standards in the fashion-world. This trend, which creates a new mood and atmosphere of chic and sophisticated glamor. And perhaps in the future, this style spread to all the fashion capital that values ​​the uniqueness and beauty.
Author: Alla Pilipenko