Lip gloss and lipstick: Winter Trends 2013-2014
 Advocates economical approach to content beauticians believe that these two products can be replaced by a single, and in general you can do a lipstick or a gloss. Perhaps they are right. But we'll leave all the talk about the minimum and maximum talk about. As they say, "because we deserve it."

Lip gloss

Lip Gloss seem undervalued. Many remember the first sticky and unstable lip of 90, do not try new products. In vain. Modern trends can be called a must-have product in the beautician. And some professional makeup artists (for example, Natalia Cherkasova, makeup Artistry) find that the modern woman should have plenty of shine.

How to apply lip gloss:

- As a standalone product directly on the skin of the lips.

- As a complement to the lipstick. If you select a shine to the appropriate shade of lipstick, it will make the lip color more intense, and the cover - glossy.

- With the help of lip gloss, you can create your own eyeliner - to mix crisp shadows with glitter.

- Shine "works" as an eyebrow wax. Excellent tames unruly eyebrow hairs, and you can add a bit of shine crumbly brown eyebrows and get a painting eyebrow wax.

Putting collection shines

Shines often sold in sticks or tubes with an applicator for applying. Although there are varieties of shine - in jars, but it is rather a tint balms and glosses do not, or multitasking products blush + shine.

Lip gloss can be completely and can have pearl shimmer or metallic shimmer. There are also products with glitter. Here are shades of gloss, which will be needed for every woman and will be trends in the period 2013-2014:

• Colourless.   Universal shine, it can be used as a standalone product, but you can as a supplement to lipstick. Transparent shine, as a rule, the most sticky. It is best to apply colorless shine not over the entire surface of the lips, but only at the center of the lips. MAC Clear Lipglass, Inglot Cosmetics Sleeks Lip Gloss (shade # 29A), Covergirl Wetslicks Lip Gloss (shade Clear Radiance).

 Lip gloss and lipstick: Winter Trends 2013-2014

• Neutral.   Trend nude. This natural lip color, which will add luster neutral cleaner and pleasant shade. Neutral shades can be light pink, peach, faded pink, soft brown color and infant skin. MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass, NARS Lip Lacquer (hue Chelsea Girls).

 Lip gloss and lipstick: Winter Trends 2013-2014

• Basic.   This is the color that you choose in the store correctly. It is suitable for your skin tone and appropriate in every situation. The most desired gloss, must-have. For some it's orange, for others - a red or crimson. L'Oreal Glam Shine, ILIA Lip Gloss (hue The Butterfly), NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss (shade Norma).

 Lip gloss and lipstick: Winter Trends 2013-2014

• Metallic.   It shines with silver, gold, platinum - metal particles - give an interesting glow. This metallic effect can be added to almost any shade: cold, warm, dramatic or soft. Needless to say that such lip - rather, an evening option. And if you use during the day, then pick up a metallic effect to the skin tone. If you have the cool leather - aluminum and silver, if the skin is warm - gold, bronze, copper. Dolce & Gabbana Ultra Shine Lip Gloss (shade # 160 Gold), Inglot Cosmetics Sleeks Lip Gloss (shade # 30), Illamasqua Intense Lip Gloss (shade Stranger).

 Lip gloss and lipstick: Winter Trends 2013-2014

• Bright.   This neon and other "crazy" color. Unexpected shades of blue, green, yellow, and neon in all forms, fuchsia, orange. These lips have to be in the spotlight, so prepare for a central place on the dance floor. Bright shines beach and disco makeup. Armour Beauty Lip Gloss (shade Candy), Topshop Glaze (shade Bubblegum), YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain (otteok Fuschia Dore).

 Lip gloss and lipstick: Winter Trends 2013-2014

• Dark.   Burgundy and dark berry shades - in a trend since the autumn. And it is a good choice not only for the cold weather, but also for the "hot" parties. Shines YSL, NARS.

 Lip gloss and lipstick: Winter Trends 2013-2014


Nice to have a wide range of lipstick that this tool has become an expression of mood, or his image. Start by selecting a suitable Texture .

• Matt.   Pigments from the matte products tend to be more saturated and bright expression. This means that the matte lipstick is more resistant and less "floating". Matte lipstick - it is for those who are not afraid of color and dense coating lips. The downside - matte product dehydrates and emphasizes wrinkles.

• Satin and cream.   Both textures are perfect for everyday use. They are the easiest to apply, satin or cream product maintains a high moisture level, this is a very important quality of a lipstick.

• Frosty.   This texture of lipstick - it is always more subtle shade less pigmented and very light flicker, sometimes pearl. Frosty finish is not always good for dark skin and warm skin tones. On the bright frosty lips lipstick looks great!

• Shining.   This lipstick with lip gloss characteristics, but lasts much longer than shine. Lipstick visually increases lip volume, and it is easy to apply.

 Lip gloss and lipstick: Winter Trends 2013-2014

Choose a color

Generally, all colors can be divided into 2 broad categories: vivid and neutral.

Bright colors

• Red.
  A classic color that never goes out of fashion. Please note that not every shade of red can be called universal. Makeup artists believe that we should look to the red midtone, match the color of the skin. For example, there is a bluish or blue undertones, it's cold pale skin, but the orange glare of lipstick suited for warm skin. Some of the most beautiful red lipsticks: MAC Lipstick in shade Russian Red, MAC Lipstick in shade Ruby Woo, Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in shade Cherries in the Snow.

 Lip gloss and lipstick: Winter Trends 2013-2014

• Carnation.   It's all shades of pale pink and dusty pinks to fuchsia. Pinks - in general, one of the most diverse, they can be pale, bright or deep. Bright pink lipstick is as glamorous as a red, try to have this shade in their palette. Most trendy shades of pink lipstick for the years 2013-2014: NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick (tone Schiap), Burberry Lip Mist (shade Feather Pink), Anna Sui Lipstick in 305.

 Lip gloss and lipstick: Winter Trends 2013-2014

• Orange and coral.   Many women reject the orange lipstick, but in vain, because this shade is able to make the skin glow and get rid of the blue tones. You can choose not only the bright orange, peach and coral shades or soft. Some of the recognized standards among the shades: L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Stick Lipstick (tone Sunset Angora), Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lip color (shade Electric Orange), Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick (tone Satin Coral).

 Lip gloss and lipstick: Winter Trends 2013-2014

Neutral colors

• Brown and gray-brown.
Do not be afraid of colors. In fact, grays and browns - are universal. They can complement and dramatic way, and natural. With light brown skin tones shades "work" as a bold, but on this dark skin lipstick looks like a neutral. Very good option for the autumn shades of gray, and even coal, they also define this group of colors. Among the standard color shades include such options: Dior Addict Lipstick (tone Beige Casual), YSL Rose Volupte Lipstick (tone Sensual), Tom Ford Sable Smoke, MAC Lipstick (tone Film Noir).

 Lip gloss and lipstick: Winter Trends 2013-2014

• Naked.   For all skin tones, for all ages. To bare include a very wide range of shades, from pink to peach faded pink and beige. In fact, this color, skin tone repeats. Lipstick nude shades in the 2013-2014 season is almost mandatory. Take a closer look and find your own version: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick (tone Nude Delight), NARS Lipstick (tone Barbarella), MAC Lipstick (tone Creme D'Nude).

 Lip gloss and lipstick: Winter Trends 2013-2014

We hope to inspire you to such a wide range of proposals for the lips, and you will create a palette and his collection of glosses and lipsticks. Why, finally, did not collect for themselves the maximum possible?
Author: Julia Shestakova