Pastel Spring 2012
 Spring bursts into our lives, as always with new ideas and crazy energy. And even such a soft pastel color becomes bright and invigorating. To arrange a pastel spring?

Pastel trend came in the spring of 2012 due to the awesome beauty of the collections of Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Miu Miu, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton. Women love pastels. These shades gently envelop, young, illuminate the skin, they are exclusively feminine (in fact, difficult to imagine a brutal man in pastel shades) and some extraordinarily fabulous air.

But let's leave emotions and examine what to buy this spring pastels.

What is - pastel shades of 2012?
- Lavender
- Mint
- Caramel-pink
- Coral
- Light Blue

 Pastel Spring 2012

Beige and light brown, we referred to the group Nude, and will not be considered.

Pastel new clothes 2012

- The hit of the season - a pair of pastel jeans . By the way, a very easy way to transform your wardrobe from winter to summer. Because the coats and jackets, we do not shoot, even cold, but the March spring mood requires new things. And let it be pastel jeans.

 Pastel Spring 2012
Jessica Alba at the same time in the winter and summer seasons

Do not buy a baggy style a la "boyfriend jeans". Tight stretch at the time.

 Pastel Spring 2012
Jeans with pastel shades of mint leopard print Current / Elliott, green pastel jeans with a high waist Urban Outfitters

- Detail of the season - Pastel clutch . Dilute monochrome clothes set of bold color clutch citron caramel or sachets. A tone will help maintain manicure tone-on-tone to her purse, it is fashionable. But to pick up all the accessories in the same pastel shades (eg, shoes + bag + umbrella) is not necessary, it will throw you in the Soviet 80s.

 Pastel Spring 2012
Bags: Botkier Valentina, Phillip Lim, Diane von Furstenberg, ASOS

- Romance of the season - pastel dress . Pastel loves simplicity, even pastel wedding dresses is much more laconic and white and color options. Therefore, choosing a pastel dress, do not look for ryushechek, sborochek and other difficulties, though, thinking about pastels reason these items come to mind. But life - it's not a podium, and not on the pages of glossy shuting - flowing fabrics, simple silhouette, a clear length - the principles laid down in pastel dresses 2012.

 Pastel Spring 2012
Lavender Dress Topshop, Cornflowers James Perse, coral sweater dress Tibi

- Addition of the season - pastel shoes . They can be combined with black or even gray ensemble. Trim the selected shade of the same color nail - and feel confident!

 Pastel Spring 2012
Violet ballerina Madewell, boots color meltwater Acne

- Manicure season - pastel nail polish . Versatility pastel polish that it "works" with any skin tone. Most trendy group of colors: mint, lilac, light rose. Combine with something pastel nail polish is optional, but if you want to try a pair of the composition, the offer are: Nails + shadows + bag Nails, Nails + hair ornaments.

 Pastel Spring 2012
Shades of mint. Lucky: Butter London (shade Bossy Boots), Dior (shade Waterlily, scented varnish), RGB (color tone Dew)

 Pastel Spring 2012
Lilac. Lucky: Essie (shade To Buy Or Not To Buy), China Glaze (shade Sweet Hook), Nicole by OPI (shade One Big Happy Fame-ily)

 Pastel Spring 2012
Light rose. Lucky: Chanel (shade of May), NCLA (shade Like Totally Valley Girl), OPI (shade Pedal Faster Suzie)

Author: Vasilisa Cousin