6 important hormones in a woman's life
 Health and mood of women is largely dependent on the level of hormones in the blood. Understanding their effects on the body, as well as knowing the natural mechanisms of regulation, you can extend your own youth and find spiritual harmony!

The hormone endorphin

To experience blissful moments of exultation and joy, irrepressible joy and delight, and just feel "deeply" serene happiness hormone endorphin help us. Its role in the body is invaluable, because it can even blunt the feeling of pain.

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Arrange an aromatherapy session.   Inhalation of essential oil scented mint gives not only calm, but also a feeling of joy. The fact is that during inhalation, air mint stimulates nerve receptors of the nose, sending a signal to the brain to increase the secretion of endorphins. Thus, the mood rises and vitality is gaining momentum.

Add spices.   While eating spicy food nerve endings that are on the tip of your tongue, irritated, increasing the production of "happiness hormone". Therefore, you should at least sometimes (especially in winter) to please yourself with "the beat." You can arrange a romantic evening with your loved ones, cook for dinner, duck in a spicy sauce. Popcorn with cayenne pepper is appropriate while watching a movie in the cinema, and "hot" soup kharcho suitable even for a Sunday family dinner. Of course, do not forget about contraindications for your health!

The hormones leptin, ghrelin

Leptin - one of the "perpetrators" a set of excess weight, but only on condition that his balance in the body is broken. Production of leptin (satiety hormone, or, as it is called) are engaged in the fat cells. This hormone determines whether the calories from the food you received, spent immediately or postpone for the future in the form of fat reserves. Moreover, in its capacity timely supply of signal saturation in the brain. But the hormone ghrelin acts in the opposite direction, it gives a signal of hunger.

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Get enough sleep!   If you are in the habit of sleeping less than 7 hours a day, the body is increased ghrelin levels, while decreasing the amount of leptin. Thus, the accumulation of fat - it's just a matter of time. To the thought of the future is not prevented early fall asleep, make plans for the coming day in advance. And better learn how to leave the cares of the outside of your bedroom.

The hormone dopamine

It has a second name - the hormone of memory. During its production meets the brain. The level of dopamine affects your performance, concentration and long-term retention of information.

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Listen to music!   Chords favorite works not only beneficial effect on overall health, but also activates the production of dopamine. It will have an important job, and the concentration at zero? - Dont be upset! Treat yourself to a short-term relaxation of the usual accompaniment, and a surge of dopamine is guaranteed!

 6 important hormones in a woman's life

The hormone oxytocin

Many women believe the true maternal instinct wakes up after delivery. This is partly true, since the period of labor is closely linked to the production of hormones oksitotsiona, which is also called hormone of attachment. Thanks to him we can love and feel loved.

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Arrange day embrace.   The women, who are often children or husbands embrace the level of oxytocin increases. Cuddle also helps to reduce the pressure!

Sing from the heart.   Scientists note after the vocal performances by professional singers oxytocin levels in the blood. But it is not the ability to sing beautifully, and deep breathing. You can hold a long note or just a fun song to sing in the shower, the effect will be just as impressive. The main thing to do it with feeling!

The hormone testosterone

We call it the "male" hormone, and try by all means to expel it from your body. Incidentally, it is in vain. As his influence you become more active and confident that the pace of modern life would clearly be superfluous.

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Move!   It is paradoxical, but true! The more you move, the more reserve power and energy your body has. The level of testosterone tends to upper limit of normal after intense exercise. If your power supply has dried up, better get up, wrung out, ran to a neighboring department, or simply go to the snack bar for a cake for tea. But preferably the first two options, for the figure, anyway.

Follow the diet.   The mineral zinc - a necessary condition for the secretion of sex hormone testosterone. It can be obtained from food. 25 mg per day - ie the rate for adults, found in a glass of yogurt, 170 grams of lean beef and a handful of pumpkin seeds. Choose according to taste preferences!

Be healthy!
Author: Natalia Bartukova