7 questions about breast cancer, the answers to which you should know
 Talk about breast cancer is hard, but we have no right to remain silent. Chilling diagnosis - the most common cancer among women in the world. Early diagnosis of breast cancer almost guarantee recovery, and therefore the chances to win the disease is very high. Just do not be afraid!

The most complete picture of the occurrence of an insidious illness and its liberation from the fetters have, of course, cancer. We have prepared for you answers to the most urgent questions that you would like to ask the doctor.

What causes breast cancer?

Objective aspects of the origin of the disease, unfortunately, a lot. Risk factors are not asleep, and sometimes make themselves felt. But which of them would be an agent provocateur for the individual woman is difficult to predict.

On health is not the best way affects the environment, heavy genetic inheritance and the influence of hormones. They have the meanings as those produced by the body of women, and others who come in the composition of medicines.

Early onset of menstruation - up to 12 years increases the risk of breast cancer, and later - after 14 years, respectively, decreases. The greater the number of menstrual cycles a woman's life, the greater the risk of malignancies. So, early menopause - 40-45 years - reduces risks, and later - after 55 years - increases.

Separately want to talk about the rhythm of life of the fair sex. It seems to be "rational" solution to many of the fair sex on his feet and make a career - a huge minus for their health. Since the time of the first pregnancy and childbirth - another marker relied on doctors, diagnosing illness. The first deliveries of up to 25 years - are beneficial, reducing the risk of cancer, and later - after 35 years - increase.

 7 questions about breast cancer, the answers to which you should know

Is there a relationship between hormonal OK and the development of the disease?

In medical practice were really hormonal contraceptives that could contribute to the development of cancer. But their time has already passed, now they are not used. OK the new generation are so small doses of hormones, even reduce the risks of origin of certain types of cancer - cancer of the uterus, breast and ovarian cancer. But, nevertheless, everything is OK should appoint only competent doctor, and follow the instructions of the drug at the same time is not even discussed.

Today, hormone replacement therapy is gaining momentum as a way to stay longer young, healthy and beautiful. Applying it started back in the 90s, and, of course, has its positive results - the prevention of cardiovascular problems, many diseases "old age", osteoporosis. But the potential benefits of this therapy significantly less than the risk faced by the female body while using it. Research involving more than four million women have shown an artificial hormone replacement increases the likelihood of breast cancer. Be careful!

Harmful if the health of the breast plastic surgery?

Regular connection between the development of the disease and plastic surgery has not been revealed. But the use of polyacrylamide gels for breast enlargement complicates the diagnosis of cancer, masking the disease, which is not good. Therefore it is better to refrain from such improvements in appearance, if your family has had a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Is there any effective preventive measures against cancer?

In oncology with many other less dangerous disease prevention common: a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, clean air and water, sufficient physical activity.

If you fall in the number of patients with a history of family which is already mark "cancer", you can do a test that detects the presence of a particular gene-provocateur in your body. It shows the probability of detection of the disease up to 80%. Therefore it is better to take action in advance - undergo a special course of a drug, or even decide to mastectomy.

 7 questions about breast cancer, the answers to which you should know

How to treat breast cancer?

Total treatments for malignant tumors more than six thousand. All of them systematically studied, among them selected the most effective. Throughout the world the treatment of breast cancer goes through one standard. First, we investigate the molecular portrait of tumors, then it is determined by the sensitivity to subsequent treatment. Taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, and is assigned to a comprehensive treatment - surgery, chemotherapy, radiology.

In case of tumors at an early stage it is sufficient to remove a small area of ​​cancer and exposure to hold this place. If the tumor has had time to grow deep into the tissue - receive chemotherapy.

Is it possible to recover completely?

Detection of breast cancer in a first step to giving 99% confidence that the disease would be conquered. At the end of treatment for the patient is monitored for five years in order to detect possible relapse. But the more time passes, the less the likelihood of recurrence sad scenario. With regard to the recovery in other stages of cancer, such predictions can only physician.

How to detect tumors at an early stage?

The process of formation of breast cancer between the ages of 11-13 years, during this time the girl has to occur in adolescence office. Whether it is normal breast development takes place determines the pediatrician.

Then 17 years old when cancer is usually already formed, the girl must currently carry a monthly breast exam. The most convenient place and time - the shower, for 6-8 days after menstruation.

Troubling occasion at which certainly should see a doctor - to find any seals. Immediately, we note that not all of them are malignant. Do not panic until all the circumstances of the disease.

Good health!
Author: Natalia Bartukova