As energy for the whole day
 Living in a crazy rhythm, we sometimes feel very tired, sometimes it seems that there is no strength to even out to sit. And how hard to wake up in the morning and force yourself to work, care for children, for themselves, the house, etc. Want to get rid of such a state? Then organize the attack on the fatigue and apathy on all fronts.

You can do this in several ways. Let's start with psycho.

The first thing to do - to present themselves full of energy and strength. Do you think stupidity? And here and there! Scientists have proven that no matter you are doing something or just imagine it activated the same brain region. So first we presented, and then begin to act directly.

Try to think positively. How much effort we spend scrolling in his head the failed call, or make a note to us? Forget better think about what you are good and positive. The better your attitude, the more energy.

 As energy for the whole day
 Use music to cheer up. Put that something more energetic, and if possible - to move to disperse the blood. Even if you have to sit and work, anyway, you are guaranteed cheerfulness.

But that is not all. What other components of vigor?

1. Of course, a good and healthy sleep.   You say that it is too general terms. But as the ability to sleep properly requires a separate topic of conversation, it is still limited.

 As energy for the whole day
 2. The ability to wake up.   It is also an important fact. It very rarely anyone pays attention potyagushechkam morning, but in vain! We need every morning to stretch your muscles, and it can be done without getting out of bed. Remember the cats, always after they wake up, they stretch themselves.

 As energy for the whole day
 3. Choose a food that helps to recharge your batteries.   These include: rice; fresh and dried fruits and vegetables; cheese; tea; chocolate; coffee, etc. In general, let everyone choose what his taste. Do not forget to drink plenty of clean water. Try to replace coffee mint tea. It will refresh and invigorate good.

4. Stay active.   You can perform some exercises that will help pull the stiff muscles of sedentary work.

5. More laugh.   Trite? If you can, then read jokes or funny stories during a break at work. Mess with your friends, etc.

 As energy for the whole day
 6. Use aromatic oils.   Optionally, spray them in the office, you can take a small vial favorite smell. Among the essential oils properties are encouraging: chamomile, lavender, mint, rosemary, grapefruit.

 As energy for the whole day
 7. Try to resort to acupressure.   So the first point is called Taichong. Located on the foot. To find it find the cavity between the thumb and the fact that close to him. Climb to the width of two fingers up, and you have got. Using your fingers to massage this point first on one, then on the other foot.

 As energy for the whole day
 The next point - Yongquan. It is situated well on the leg. Only directly at the sole. Draw a straight line between the thumb and the adjacent finger. And scroll down to the point of beginning of the depression on the foot. If you deploy to his foot, and then pull the fingers, you will see this place formed a dimple.

 As energy for the whole day
 And another point is called Zusanli. Put 3 fingers on the knee on the outside of the bone. Massage. This massage is more rational to spend all morning. Although if it is possible, then it is possible and in the afternoon.

8. At lunchtime a change of scenery. Go for a walk. Breathe the air, thus refresh his head. Even if you have a lot of work, such a walk will do you good.

9. Do not eat dinner too fat, or containing a lot of carbohydrates food Since it will make more sleepy and lazy.

10. Do not neglect dinner.   The fact that when we feel hunger, in our blood sugar content decreases, which in turn leads to poor health and the absence of energy.

 As energy for the whole day
 11. If possible, take a nap for 15-20 minutes . But not anymore. I do not believe it, but since you recharge your batteries before the end of the day.

12. Get up from your desk . Monotonous sedentary work safely will drive you to the sleepy state.

Options to preserve and increase your energy much. The main thing - to want it and make an effort. After all, a rolling stone gathers no water will flow.
Author: Vera Karabutova