Autumn depression chocolate treat!
 Be like the stem and be like steel
In life, where we can so little ...
Chocolate treat sadness,
And laugh in the face of passers-by!
(Marina Tsvetaeva)

... Autumn Days are getting shorter, the sky is covered with increasingly heavy gray clouds, golden leaves, so happy eyes and heart in the early autumn, it has flown and it seems that no bright colors left, either in nature or in life ...

If you end up feeling strange melancholy, often changing mood, suffer from insomnia at night and in the morning contrary drowsiness, lack energy and desire to do even the things you love, the soul slush, dull and sad - most likely, you are overpowered autumn depression .

In the autumn of depression, there are certain reasons for this:

- In the autumn there is a decrease hormone serotonin, which is responsible for regulation of mood and sleep-wake cycle. High levels of serotonin provides a good high spirits, a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

- Another hormone, the amount of which decreases with a decrease in the intensity of sunlight - dopamine, and this reduction can decrease the concentration or the loss of interest in life.

 Autumn depression chocolate treat!
   - Well, more reason for the blues may be banal lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, and a sedentary lifestyle, because in bad weather is much more difficult to force yourself to get out for a walk or exercise.

Well, affect the length of the day and make the sun to stay longer on the horizon we can not but make adjustments in your lifestyle and diet is within our grasp. And how can we, along with other activities, do not remember such a popular and beloved as a natural antidepressant bitter chocolate .

How to treat depression ancient Aztecs
It is not known whether suffering from depression ancient Aztecs, but to set the mood to eat pungent and spicy drink made from the fruit of the tree of chocolate, which they called cocoa, it began to Indian tribes. First it was the Olmecs, they were replaced by the Maya, in the pantheon of gods had a god even cocoa, they first started to cultivate cocoa trees, smashed the first cocoa plantations. Then came the Aztecs, in the empire, which they founded, the cocoa beans were used as money, and refreshing drinks are attributed not only useful, but sometimes mystical properties.

 Autumn depression chocolate treat!
 A beautiful legend tells that the god Quetzalcoatl compassionate presented cacao seeds to people expelled from the Garden of Eden. From the amazing fruit trees grown from these seeds, people began to prepare a drink that gave the wisdom, strength and energy.

Europe discovered the cacao tree in the first half of the XVI century, when Hernando Cortez plundered the palace of Emperor Aztec Montezuma and found there huge stocks of cocoa beans, brought the King of Spain, and cocoa beans, and cooking recipes drink "chokoatlya" (bitter water) . By the way, a well-known and beloved chocolate bars have learned to do only in 1847, and before that chocolate remained a drink only. It was used in the cold - roasted cocoa beans, which themselves have a bitter taste, mixed with water, and then to this mixture was added various ingredients - cinnamon, honey, then sugar and vanilla. The drink was quite expensive, and enjoy its taste could only aristocrats. No wonder the official botanical name, which was given a chocolate tree in 1737 - Theobroma cacao, a literal translation from the Latin - "food of the gods of cocoa."

 Autumn depression chocolate treat!
 The fruit of the cacao tree look very elegant and attractive. Bright - from gentle greenish-yellow to reddish-purple and dark orange colors - they look like a melon with pointed ends, or ribbed cucumber. Inside the fruit - are purple corn without the slightest smell of chocolate, it is cocoa beans. The delightful aroma and taste of the divine beloved delicacies occurs after the complex and lengthy treatment - fermentation, drying, roasting, grinding, pressing, mixing, etc.

And sorrow depart, and longing to be held ...
Of course, first of all, chocolate is attractive to many for its pleasant sweet taste, the ability to melt in your mouth, smell and excellent combinability with many foods and beverages. But why do we distinguish chocolate among others, are also very pleasant sweetness? From what chocolate ingredient has a marked influence of psychoactive why the consumption of even a relatively small amount of the product we have (at least, most) markedly rises up?

Perhaps this is due to the relatively high content of magnesium in the cocoa bean, from which chocolate is made. It reduces stress, relieves anxiety and helps overcome depression, improves memory, strengthens the immune system.

 Autumn depression chocolate treat!
 Studies have shown that dark chocolate stimulates the body's release of endorphins - the hormones of happiness and so uplifting, it gives us a sense of enjoyment and pleasure. There is a wonderful black chocolate the amino acid tryptophan, from which it is formed another "happiness hormone" serotonin - a substance, the lack of which in the fall leads to depression and lower vitality.

In addition, the chocolate has a small dose of caffeine and theobromine, which are also referred to as psychostimulants, has beneficial effects on efficiency and creative activity of man. However, the content of these components is relatively small. Thus, in one chocolate bar contains only caffeine 30 mg, equal to half a cup of tea.

Whether there is a chocolate addiction?
About chocolate, how useful it is and whether him harm, always a lot of controversy and debate on the subject continues. Quite often you can hear the concerns about the emergence of a chocolate addiction.

Yes, some of the substances included in the chocolate, could cause dependence, similar drug, if we ate the chocolate kilograms. After all, caffeine, theobromine, phenylethylamine, a substance that's all falling under suspicion - their chocolate too little. For example, phenylethylamine (amphetamine-like substance) in the chocolate is 10 times less than in certain cheese varieties. There are chocolate and some cannabinoids - the active substances of the same family as the components of marijuana. But the concentration of these funds is also small, and in order to achieve any significant drug effect need to eat at least 13 kilograms of chocolate. You agree to provide such daily ration favorite goodies hard!

But the fact that the chocolate does not cause drug dependence, does not exclude the psychological dependence that love for chocolate acquires some pathological forms. In 98% of cases of excessive consumption of chocolate therapists explain abundantly accumulated psychological problems that still need to be solved, rather than seizing chocolate.

 Autumn depression chocolate treat!
 Eating about 40 grams of chocolate a day (the recommended dose), no way we can either become dependent on chocolate, no harm to their health, and even the opposite. It set the mood benefits of chocolate is not exhausted!

Look at its chemical composition, and you all will become clear: potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur - and all of these elements in a sufficiently large number. And in addition, trace elements - iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt, plus vitamins (B1, B2, PP, F). Rich chocolate and antioxidants - flavonoids, which improve the circulatory system and prevent the formation of blood clots in the vessels of the heart and brain, he even successfully competing in this respect with red wine.

According to a study of the German Institute of Nutrition (DlfE) in Potsdam, just 6 grams of chocolate per day, presumably associated with a reduced risk of stroke and heart attack by 39 percent. A research of Japanese scientists, the use of up to 50 grams of chocolate each day largely prevent the development of cancer and peptic ulcer.

Neither confirmed fears of dentists that chocolate caries develops. Everything is exactly the opposite, chocolate does not destroy the tooth enamel and even beneficial to teeth and gums. However, all the above applies only to dark chocolate, in which a little sugar, no dairy ingredients, and the amount of cocoa products is 60-80 percent. By the way, a chocolate does not hurt the waist and good for the skin, polyphenols (flavonoids) contained in it, contribute to its normal functioning and thus keeps the skin young and healthy appearance.

So, if in a moment of sadness and grief, when the window drizzle dreary autumn rain, pulls you eat a piece or two of chocolate, do not deny yourself the pleasure, the harm will not be exact, as you see, and the mood will rise and gray day seem brighter!
Author: Olga Travleeva