Bad Blood: how to prevent anemia
 Chlorosis, anemia, anemia - all names for the same disease condition of the body, which is characterized by a reduced amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells (RBCs) in the blood. Alas, not immune to the disease development nobody, neither old nor young, because anemia is common and infants, and people in old age. We offer a closer look at the symptoms of this condition and know how to avoid it.

The dangerous anemia?

The most important signs of iron deficiency - weakness and chronic fatigue. Of course, such conditions can be attributed to avralny rhythm of life, but if they do not pass, even in periods of calm on all fronts, should immediately see a doctor and get tested, determining the level of hemoglobin.

Among other signs of anemia - changing tastes (including the appearance of strange when you want to try the earth, chalk), increased heart rate, headaches, pale skin and mucous membranes, lethargy. If you untie the hands of the disease and allow the host on in the body, without taking action, it can lead to heart problems. For example, to develop heart failure, burdened stagnant.

In the "anemic" all risk group, whose power is not balanced, who have problems with iron absorption or require its increased number of (pregnancy, growing bodies, athletes).

 Bad Blood: how to prevent anemia

How to help the body?

If tests confirm low levels of iron in your blood and drink tablets do not want to offer to take note of the simple but effective tips from anemia.

1. Review your diet

Once a day, be sure to arrange a meal consisting of a receiving portion of the liver or red meat, preferably boiled: veal, lamb, beef. Also required guests at your table should be apples, walnuts, pomegranate juice, buckwheat, berries. But the use of canned food, mayonnaise, pastries, tea and coffee is best to minimize or eliminate.

2. Avoid the combination of iron and calcium

Calcium reduces the absorption of iron. This rule is necessary to clarify to everyone who is a fan of dairy products or take calcium-containing products. However, quarrelsome disposition characters "savory couple" can be prevented if we exclude them head-on collision. Enough for 2 hours before and after the use of meat dishes do not lean on calcium-containing products, while problematic neighborhood of these elements will be minimized.

 Bad Blood: how to prevent anemia

3. Pay attention to the folk recipes

Piggy wisdom of our people gathered for centuries, can generously share with you a recipe from anemia. For example, the use of broth infused leaves of wild strawberry, rosehip drink, a mixture of pomegranate, apple and carrot juice, an infusion of dried raspberry fruit. To your taste, you can choose any recipes that do not take a lot of time to prepare and the ingredients easy to find at your local pharmacy or refrigerator.

Of course, the concept of "health" not compatible with the unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits, so please reconsider your daily routine to help the blood in her recovery. Spend more time outdoors, load the body by simple physical exercises, just go to sleep and not to stay long in front of all kinds of monitors.

Maybe your particular case require receiving pharmacy preparations of iron, so do not neglect your doctor. There are cases when faster to get in shape is to help pills and potions. But in the future you already own information, how to prevent recurrence of anemia and thus malaise, abnormal fatigue and sluggishness will last.

 Bad Blood: how to prevent anemia

Author: Anna Hodchenkova