Chalk Chalk, heels
 With the arrival of spring more and more women wearing high-heeled shoes. Scientists say that most of us the day does about 19 thousand steps. And for all my life, it is difficult to imagine, we go through a distance equal to the distance from the Earth to the Moon. Fiction, and more!

A little history
Who invented the first shoe - is unknown. But archaeologists have discovered a large number of US woven from grass sandals and carried his find at the time of the Stone Age.

It is said that men have invented high heels for personal use, namely, we are talking about ancient Egypt cultivators who used to stop heels make it easier to move through loose soil.

Later heels accustomed to men's boots, helping riders kept in the saddle.

It is said that something resembling a modern heel, invented by Leonardo da Vinci. However, in Europe, heels spread only in the XVII century. So in 1680, women began to wear shoes at such a high and thin heel that could move only by relying on a cane.

Men also began to wear high heels, and emperors to issue decrees that prescribe what class, what heel height permitted to wear. Most high heels worn by royals and nobles. Red heels were allowed to wear only the nobility.

In the XVIII century, men stopped wearing high heels, while the ladies considered the most fashionable thin heel up to 10-12 cm tall. It is believed that such a heel makes a graceful female figure.

The French Revolution of 1789 stopped a mockery of the health of female legs as much as 50 years. Women began to wear flat shoes. Even at balls danced in silk shoes with leather soles. At the end of the XIX century came the fashion for high heels.

Many young girls and even adult women believe that if they wear high heel shoes, high heels, all men will be at their feet. Alas, alas. Yet some figure flaws heel may mask . For example:

- Thin high heels full legs even more complete and whole figure makes overweight. But the wide, low heel and toe obscures the shortcomings of the figure.
- Thin legs in high heels look like stilts. But low is not very thin heel, makes such graceful legs.

 Chalk Chalk, heels
 Heel and women's health
High Heel often causes irreparable harm. It causes diseases such as curvature of the spine and varicose veins. Doctors say all countries that dangerous heel 5cm above.

Dr. Maria Cerutti studied women aged 50 years and found that those whose stop was at an angle of 15 degrees to the ground (roughly equivalent to lifting the foot when wearing heels to 5 cm), posture remained as good as those, who wore shoes without heels. However, this should not wear heels more than 4 hours a day.

If a woman is often, much less all the time, wearing high heels, she walks as if on his fingers, causing impaired blood flow to the legs. Weaken the nail plate begins to crack, there is a fungus, corns, feet swollen.

 Chalk Chalk, heels
 Coast leg
These simple tips should help.

- Beautiful, fashionable and safe for the feet are on a high platform shoes.

- Doctors say that if you're going to work in high-heeled shoes, then it must be in the office to change shoes with flat soles.

- During breaks and after work is helpful to massage the feet.

- In the evening, do warm foot bath with peeling potatoes, herb wormwood, sage.

- While sitting at your computer, shoes under the table is useful to shoot and do simple exercises stimulate blood circulation - to pull the toes, then pull them.

- Houses helpful to sit with their legs or lie down for long, his feet tucked under the roller.

- If the legs are swollen, it will help cool foot bath.

- When the pain folk medicine recommends that you do trays from broth of red and white clover. A handful of clover brew 1 liter of boiling water for 1 hour in a thermos, strain, pour into the tub.

- The pain subsides when 1 teaspoon of salt pour in 1 cup of vegetable oil, and rub the mixture to dissolve into the soles of the night.

- When sweating in the morning before putting on socks, pantyhose, between the toes and soles sprinkle boric acid powder, no need to rub it in the evening to wash your feet in warm water.

- If you have cracked heels, it is necessary to rub the skin balsam fir, and top fix gauze bandage.

And in order not to have problems with their feet, we should probably take a cue from European women who wear shoes with heels are very rare, only in special cases. After all, the beauty of a woman does not depend on the heels, and from her faith in yourself, skills to present themselves, from the sincere smiles and friendly to others.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva